You’ll Never Guess The Second Most “Cosmetic Surgery Obsessed” State


When it comes to cosmetic surgery-obsessed states, we thought we knew which places would be most procedure-loving. However, after reviewing recent data, one ranking surprised us. NiceRx analyzed Google search volume to crown the top 10 states most obsessed with cosmetic surgery. To our amazement, Washington, DC earned the second highest spot on the list.

Looking at Google search volume, NiceRx found that New Yorkers topped the list of most obsessive search procedures with 17,688 searches per 100,000 people. Washington, DC followed New York closely, with 17,246 searches per 100,000 population. California came in third place, with a significant drop in numbers, showing 10,567 searchers per 100,000 people. The top 10 are filled by Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts and Georgia respectively.

NiceRx also looked at other data points, including how surgeons were rated in each state. According to NiceRx’s analysis, Hawaii, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas and Utah had the highest rated surgeons, all with over 4.60 ratings. Meanwhile, North Dakota, Alaska, New Mexico, Delaware and Wisconsin had the lowest rated surgeons. North Dakota had an average rating of 3.95, and while the other four were a bit higher, they were still under a 4.32 rating.

The most searched procedure, according to research by NiceRx, was laser hair removal with 4,998,000 searches, more than double the runner-up, Botox Cosmetic, with 2,022,000. Liposuction, tummy tuck, and lip fillers were also heavily researched.

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