Yes, it’s possible to overcomplicate your skincare routine.


According to New York board-certified dermatologist Usma Syed, 95% of the truly science-based advice you as a consumer should know can fit in a single Twitter feed. “All the skincare education videos on Instagram/YouTube/TikTok just repackage a few basics with different dances/brand names. Let me prove it,” he said. tweeted in January.

Dr. Syed then listed eight different rules, including the importance of using moisturizer, SPF, retinoids, and active ingredients. Additionally, he advised people not to use too many active ingredients at once, because less is more. As people try many different products recommended by social media at the same time, over-exfoliation can be a problem. “AND THAT’S ALL. You can now unsubscribe from all TikTok/YouTube skincare channels,” he concluded.

In January, New York-based board-certified dermatologist Usma Syed tweeted, “All the Instagram/YouTube/TikTok skincare education videos are just repackaging a few basics with different dances/brand names Let me prove it. His thread, which outlined eight simple rules for creating an effective routine, went viral. Other dermatologists and skin specialists agree with Masyed’s thinking: skincare doesn’t have to be as complicated as social media makes it out to be. “Women tell me about how they are overwhelmed by it all and seem to be switching skincare routines on a fairly regular basis. It gets really confusing!” Julie Brackenbury, an aesthetic nurse tells Seduce.

Especially with the rise of homemade skincare hacks on TikTok, misleading information can cause many skin problems. “Using too many active ingredients at once can irritate our skin due to how they work. Many actives we use to improve skin texture, discoloration and aging can cause irritation as a side effect,” explains Dr Franco. “Using one at a time is fine, but when all of your skincare products (cleanser, serum, moisturizer, etc.) contain actives, your skin barrier can take a hit.”

Signs your skincare is making things worse

The more irritating active ingredients you put on your skin, the more likely you are to disrupt your skin barrier, which can lead to irritation, redness, flaking, swelling, and burning. “The more ingredients you use, the more likely you are to encounter something that you are very sensitive or allergic to,” adds Dr. Franco.

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