Work from home leading to skin problems: doctors


HYDERABAD: Lack of sun exposure due to long periods of homework and online classes for college students has led to an increase in vitamin D deficiencies and skin conditions, dermatologists say.

While online lessons have been stopped and all children are now taking physical lessons, employees who work from home, many of whom were particularly from the IT sector, are still vulnerable, they said. Dr Ravali Yalamanchili, co-founder of Neya Dermatology and Aesthetics, said the most common problem for children who spent long hours in air-conditioned rooms was extreme skin dryness or xerosis and vitamin D deficiency. .

“Even with supplements, we noticed that vitamin D levels didn’t improve like they used to,” she said. She added that dry skin itself sometimes causes a flare-up of other skin conditions or allergies. The remedy for the same is the use of moisturizers on the skin.

Dr. V. Anand, Senior Consultant, KIMS Hospitals, said he had received cases where patients, after spending long hours on AC power and then suddenly exposed to the sun, suffered from skin rashes, polymorphous lucite (inflamed skin), sunburn and tanning.

Satyanarayana Mathala, Chairman of the Telangana Facilities Management Council (TFMC), said that currently the percentage of IT employees working in offices is 45-50%, and most of them work on a model hybrid, i.e. where they had to work 2-3 days a week from the office. While the numbers had seen a week-over-week improvement since March, the hybrid pattern is likely to continue for about 2-4 more months, Mathala said.

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