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Being stressed can be very difficult – we tend to miss our meals, lack sleep and relaxation, and fail to spend quality time with the people who matter. But, because we have to get on with our daily lives despite the stress, we tend to ignore the physical and mental effects of stress on our bodies in the name of our goals.

Due to stress, your body’s nutrients may have started to deplete.

Overthinking can affect vital nutrients in brain nerves, which can cause you to lose focus and become distracted. Lack of nutrients from overwork can make you feel more tired than usual, and look pale and sick, which could be the source of your unhealthy skin.

Here is how stress can affect our performance:

Difficulty concentrating and decreased mental alertness

Nutrients in the brain help increase mental alertness and concentration. Due to stress, brain cells can be affected, causing the brain to function slowly, impacting memory and distraction. Some of the mental symptoms of stress are difficulty concentrating, difficulty making decisions, feeling overwhelmed, constant worrying, forgetfulness, and more likely to be preoccupied and pay less attention.

Difficulty in mental recall and memory function

The human brain has nerves that help in memory recall. It can be a natural part of aging, but sometimes it can be caused by something common and treatable like stress.

Vitamin B plays an essential role in maintaining normal brain performance, including memory function, with the help of a balanced diet and exercise. Stress can affect memory, which can cause them to feel disorganized and seems to interfere with cognition, attention, and memory. These symptoms can interfere with daily activities such as remembering things, misplacing car keys, or forgetting tasks for the day.

Nutritional deficiency and fatigue in the body

The human body needs enough nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, for the body to function properly. If one does not eat a nutritious diet, a deficiency can occur. Stress can deplete nutrients faster and increase the body’s metabolic needs, making it at risk and prone to fatigue and exhaustion. People under stress may not have time to prepare nutritious and balanced meals or may skip meals. This will cause stressed people to feel tired at work, which will make them perform less well.

Effects of aging and unhealthy skin

The main protection of the human body against external threats and bacterial infections is the skin. Nutrition is one of the many elements that must be considered to maintain good skin health. But due to the physical effects of stress on the body; the skin becomes pale and unhealthy. Stress can have negative effects on the general well-being of the skin, by excessive production of sebum and clogged pores and cause aging.

Weakened immunity

To be able to protect the body against any serious disease, the human body needs proper immune function. Stress could reduce the number of many types of immune cells in the body, which are needed to fight off viruses. Vitamins play an important role in facilitating the functions of the immune system, which can keep the body healthy and protect it from any life-threatening disorders.

Along with trying a relaxing activity, mindfulness meditation, yoga, and exercise, stressed people need to replenish depleted vitamins and nutrients to protect their minds and bodies. A healthy and balanced diet remains the best source to achieve this, accompanied by regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. However, having a balanced diet is difficult to consistently achieve, which can lead to a lack or even an insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals.

Stresstabs is a well-known multivitamin that replenishes nutrients affected by stress. It can help the body stay active and focused at work, home and school by helping to improve mental alertness. It contains energy-restoring nutrients like vitamin B and iron, which help the body stay active and have more energy (compared to not using) and sharpen mental focus. It also contains vitamins that contribute to the regular functioning of the immune system, such as vitamin C and folate, and vitamin E, which has immune-modulating properties and skin-repairing nutrients that help fight the effects of stress on your skin. aging.

You can manage stress better with the help of Stresstabs! Available in the main pharmacies of the country.

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