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Darkness around your cuticles could be an indication of something. Here are the causes and ways you can treat dark cuticles.

eating a balanced diet ensures that you are getting enough nutrients and are hydrated

All deviations or changes in the body happen for a reason. It is important for us to notice and understand these changes. Dark cuticles are very common and are therefore often overlooked. Although the causes can vary depending on the symptoms and severity, dark cuticles without any other significant symptoms may not be a cause for concern.

Dark cuticles have been proven to be caused by dehydration and a lack of vitamin B in the body. In addition to darkness, you may also experience dryness around the cuticles and easy peeling of the skin.

What are the causes ?


As mentioned above, dark cuticles are a huge indicator of lack of water in your system. A sufficient amount of water is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Dehydration can be due to a lack of clean water, excessive sweating, or eating junk foods high in sodium.


The weather has a great influence on the daily functioning of the body. Weather can also cause dehydration. Dehydration can be due to hot weather or lack of drinking water in winter. The possibility of you catching various bacterial and/or fungal infections may increase during the monsoon season.

Vitamin deficiency

As mentioned above, the lack of vitamin B in the body can also darken the cuticles. The body uses various indicators to communicate the lack of various necessities such as vitamins, proteins and other nutrients.

Other Disorders

Darkening of the cuticles could be an indication of more than just dehydration or a lack of vitamins. If the darkening of the cuticles gets worse or you have other symptoms, it could be an indicator of another disease. Darkening of the cuticles can be a symptom of another infection like psoriasis, eczema, etc.

Allergies or other external causes

Dark cuticles can also be an indication of skin allergies. Using skin products that may not be right for you can also cause allergic skin reactions.

poor hygiene

Lack of proper hygiene and sanitation in the body and its environment also makes one more prone to catching different infections. This could cause your cuticles to darken or affect your overall health.

How to treat dark cuticles?


Drinking plenty of water benefits all parts of the body. Dark cuticles being an indication of dehydration can be cured by consuming plenty of water. It is suggested that an average human being should drink at least 2.7 (for women) – 3.7 (for men) liters of water per day. Other symptoms of dark cuticles such as dryness around the cuticles and peeling skin can also decrease if you regularly consume enough water.

Protect yourself from the weather

As stated above, the hot summer sun and lack of water in the winter can both cause dehydration. Making sure you’re consuming enough water can help keep the body hydrated. It is important to understand that an adequate supply of water is not only necessary in summer but also in winter.

Have nutritious food

The best way to keep the body healthy and the immune system strong is to eat nutritious foods. Consuming protein, vitamins and other nutrients provides the body with all the nutrients it needs and prevents deficiencies. In addition to this, a healthy diet also helps the body fight off external radicals that could cause darkening of the cuticles. For vitamins, in particular, try adding citrus fruits like oranges to your diet.

Better hygiene

Regular showering along with proper sanitation can help you avoid any infections that can cause these symptoms. This also includes keeping your surroundings clean.

Research products

In order to avoid blackening of the cuticles, be sure to use the right products for your body. Doing thorough research and avoiding harsh products can help protect your body from products that aren’t right for you.

Hand masks

Try using gentle homemade masks to remove dead skin and/or tan that may have contributed to your dark cuticles. Plus, they might help moisturize dryness.

Finally, in case adequate fluid intake and a healthy diet fail to lighten your cuticles over time. You may want to consider seeing a doctor and identifying what could be causing your cuticles to darken.

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