We tried MOXI, the gentle skin treatment that looks like a laser on steroids


“Laser on steroids” is how my therapist explained to me the MOXI laser treatment and the spoiler alert: she was not mistaken.

When I first heard that the Wembley Downs Luxury Skin Care Clinic Ocean Cosmetics was the only clinic in Australia to have a MOXI laser, I was intrigued because I’m a sucker for anything that promises to make my skin glow. And when I heard phrases like “no downtime”, “incredible results”, “one of a kind” and “soft laser”, I was convinced.

So what is MOXI?

MOXI is a laser that converts electrical energy into light to target the pigment by creating tiny perforations in the top surface layer of the skin. These micro-injuries stimulate the dermal repair process, revitalize skin tone and texture, and reduce the appearance of dark and red spots caused by sun damage or aging. In terms of resistance, it is between a Clear & Brilliant and Fraxel laser treatment.

What to expect?

After deep cleansing, an anesthetic cream was applied to my skin before receiving glasses to protect my eyes from laser light. The actual laser looked like prickly heat. Not super comfortable but not so bad that I couldn’t relax during the treatment. The 30 minutes passed and before I knew it, a thick hydrating mask was applied to help relieve the redness before I was sent on my way.

What happens after?

There is virtually no downtime associated with MOXI. My skin was red and itchy right after, but it eased off after a few hours. For the next few days my skin felt really rough to the touch and I avoided any makeup or skin care other than moisturizer. I was also very careful to apply over 50 sunscreen every time I went out. By the fifth day after the treatment, the rough skin was gone and the skin underneath was incredibly soft, smooth and glowing.

Would I do it again?

In a heartbeat! Definitely not a cheap treatment, but the overall glow and glow was worth it X 1000. You should know that while MOXI is safe for all skin types and tones all year round, you may need several treatment sessions to achieve noticeable improvement. As for me, counting the days until I can do it again, that glow is addicting.

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