Tula Skin Care body cream: the opinion of a commercial writer


Finding the right body cream has always been difficult for me. As someone with dry, itchy skin that is incredibly sensitive and prone to ingrown hairs, I find most body creams to be too oily, too thick or not moisturizing enough, and some have irritating fragrances. my arms and legs. It was an almost impossible task, but as a body care lover and a skincare fan, it was a task I dedicated myself to.

The best product I’ve found lately to suit my needs is Tula’s Advanced Hydration Body Moisturizer. It’s a thick body cream that moisturizes without smothering my skin and keeps annoying little pimples from appearing on my arms and legs. The brand sent me a jar to test out, and after two months of use, my body has never felt so hydrated and hydrated throughout an incredibly dry winter.

The most impressive part of Tula body cream is how it instantly melts into my skin. I’ve dealt with more sticky, greasy, buttery-like body creams than I can count, and they’ve always made it nearly impossible to put on clothes after showering. Not so with Tula’s formula, which my skin absorbs almost immediately upon application thanks to its Greek yogurt-like consistency. The body moisturizer is still not too heavy, even on warmer, slightly humid days.

Its ingredient list is equally eye-catching. When it comes to reducing irritation and achieving smooth skin, it’s important to protect your skin barrier by keeping it hydrated with nourishing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides and shea butter. all three of which are key components of Tula body cream. Others, like yuzu (the Japanese citrus fruit) and vitamin C, brighten, smooth and firm the skin. The overall result is nothing less than incredible hydration as well as soft, supple skin.

While $38 might seem expensive for a body cream, the 8.1-ounce tub actually lasted me months; I’m only halfway through the pot. It’s great value for money and I’ll be happy to buy a refill for myself when my sample runs out.

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