This new serum is the next big thing in antioxidant skincare


Any good dermatologist or esthetician will teach you the importance of antioxidants in any skin care regimen: to maximize your protection against UV damage and other environmental aggressors like pollution (leading to the generation of aging free radicals ), apply them under your sunscreen as an extra layer of defense. One product we love that is particularly high in antioxidants is skinbetter science’s Alto Defense Serum, which launched five years ago and has become one of the most popular free radical fighters among skincare professionals. the skin. However, with the utmost respect for the skin, the brand sought out newer, more potent antioxidant technology – think of it as an amped-up version of the OG formula, which doesn’t wear off – and created Alto Advanced Defense and Repair Serum ($185), launching this week.

“This product aims to reduce oxidative stress so that our skin can function optimally,” says New York dermatologist Michelle Henry, MD. “In other products, the antioxidants work only to scavenge free radicals, but this one also works from the inside out, on intrinsic factors, which is the really unique part of this product. It’s able to do this because it delivers a new patented antioxidant molecule called Allyl PQQ through TAP technology that we use topically to protect our mitochondria, our body’s energy Our skin is constantly turning over and creating free radicals – a natural part of aging – and it quells those free radicals; it’s very similar to how people take CoQ10 orally in their diet to protect their mitochondria. The irritation and instability inherent in PQQ previously made its dangerous topical use, so it’s a very interesting and exciting technology.

The formula combines this internal PQQ protection with skinbetter’s WEL technology, which provides external defense. “WEL is a collection of 19 different antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, for powerful external strength,” says Dr. Henry. “The two proprietary technologies work synergistically and are combined with barrier-strengthening ceramides, brightening and strengthening niacinamide, and other effective ingredients for even greater benefits.”

In a 12-week clinical study conducted by the brand with 39 patients with different skin types, impressive results were seen at four weeks (before and after images of one subject shown below), when serum was used twice a day. “We’re seeing a nice reduction in redness, which is great because there’s not much we can do for redness without a prescription,” says Dr. Henry.

“After 12 weeks of twice-daily use, we see a significant improvement, around 60%, in solar elastosis – damage to elastin due to UV exposure – for long-term changes. of the skin,” says Dr. Henry. “I like to think that antioxidants are insurance against sunscreen, because UV rays inevitably penetrate. We also see improvements in pigments, such as dark spots, and in skin texture and dullness. , for brighter, healthier-looking skin.

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