These sunscreens were designed with melanin skin in mind and promise results


The relationship between black women and beauty and cosmetics has not been linear. From the lack of representation to the myths spawned by this lack of representation that have since been debunked, the industry is still in a position that leaves more work to be done. The idea that those with darker skin tones don’t need sunscreen has since its inception eventually been discovered to be false, but that doesn’t leave black consumers without challenges in this area. Namely find a formula that does its job without white plaster. While slowly but surely options suitable for darker skin tones have started to appear among the big brands on the market, it often goes without saying that few are better than black-owned brands when it comes to finding products that meet our exact needs. . As expected, many of them come with the sunscreen created especially for black skin, without the white plaster.

With summer on our heels, we’ve reached the point of the year when it’s time to adapt our beauty routines to the changing weather. That means light moisturizers and a good amount of sunscreen applied every time we leave the house. If summer tends to dry out your skin, take comfort knowing that many sunscreens on the market also have moisturizing properties. Ahead, here are 6 of the best sunscreens on the market for melanotic skin. Get ready to find your go-to of the season.

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