The Retinol Serum Elle Macpherson Uses Every Night


Superstar skin doesn’t happen overnight. Thanks to an approach that combines stellar genetics, a healthy lifestyle and powerful in-office treatments, 57-year-old Elle Macpherson’s skin is as radiant as it was decades ago.

Luckily for us, the model isn’t shy about sharing the in-office treatments she trusts for her face and body. Macpherson recently visited the office of Miami dermatologist Rebecca Del Campo, MD, where, according to the doctor, she received a combination of four treatments designed to “rejuvenate the skin and improve skin health to the highest level.” deep with minimal downtime.

On the menu acclaimed by models: the collagen-stimulating Aerolase NeoEliter laser, Tempsure Envi for skin firming, the newcomer Tixel, “for gentle but effective skin resurfacing”, and LED light therapy “to accelerate wound healing. and give an extra boost to the collagen”. .”

A good skincare routine is also an essential part of achieving healthy, glowing skin and improving results in the office at home. According to Dr. Del Campo, Macpherson uses the antioxidant-rich Dr. Roberta Skin Science Vitamin Serum ($152) and Resilience Serum ($95) daily, an overnight serum that combines wrinkle-softening retinol and vitamin C enlightening.

According to the brand, the products align with Macpherson’s own philosophy, as each medical-grade formula is not only effective, but also vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable.

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