The 5 Best Night Care Products for Dry Skin


If you have dry skin like me, you know it’s incredibly frustrating to apply your moisturizing skincare products at night, only to wake up with parched skin in the morning. This happened to me even after a restful night’s sleep (with my Dr. Harris eye mask, of course), so I started looking for specific products that could pull sleepless nights on behalf of my skin – which means I would apply them at night and they worked while I slept to help my skin (and lips!) look and feel hydrated in the morning.

After a few months of testing many, many products with our thermostat thoroughly, I’ve narrowed down the best nighttime products to just three. All of these products help me wake up to dewy, plump, hydrated skin and only take seconds to apply. Ahead, find my tried-and-true winter skincare saviors that keep my skin dewy and hydrated (no longer one of my husband’s picks, since he’s a beauty professional who’s also obsessed with skincare). the skin than me and can also be considered a source).

#1: Boum Boum Milk Violette FR

Created by Parisian makeup artist Violette Serrat, who is every bit as chic as her eponymous skincare and makeup line, this unique spray is a must-have mist. Here’s why: The spritz is designed to act as a toner that balances and hydrates, a serum that delivers highly concentrated, fast-absorbing ingredients, and a moisturizer. Beyond its multi-use capabilities, the blend of probiotics, fermented birch sap, glacier water and olive leaf extract that work together to help minimize redness, achieve an overall brighter complexion luminous for all skin types, and really boosts hydration. Honestly, I swear I’ve never used a product as hydrating and lightweight as Boom Boom Milk – and I’ve used some of the best in the beauty industry. It’s a bit mind-blowing.

How I use it: I spray it on my palms at night (you can also spray it directly on your face), press it onto the skin of my face, neck and chest, crawl into bed and wake up the next morning with plump, dewy skin.

#2: Naturium Intense Night Cream for Sleep

This fragrance-free lipid-based cream strengthens the skin barrier. When your skin barrier is compromised, you may notice that your skin looks cracked and red, or you feel tender. A compromised skin barrier can also allow bacteria and dirt to enter, which can lead to breakouts. This moisturizer locks in moisture and “fills in the cracks” in your skin with squalane, kakadu plum, glycerin, and plant-based triglycerides. I always look like a fresher version of myself in the morning after using it.

How I use it: After applying all my skincare at night, I dab some of this night cream with a cotton swab (I avoid dipping my fingers in the skincare jars to keep bacteria from spreading) , I warm it between my palms, I spread it on my face, my neck and my chest, then comfortably installed in my bed.

#3: Erno Lazlo Hydra-Therapy Memory Gel Sleep Mask

This is my husband’s go-to product, and I trust his recommendations because he’s as obsessed with beauty as I am and very picky about how formulas feel on his skin. This one makes its cut for a good reason: it uses the antioxidant vitamin E to boost your skin’s hydration levels and protect your skin barrier; glycerin for extra hydration; prickly pear, super resistant in dry climates and rich in fatty acids and amino acids, to nourish your skin; and revitalizing mugwort extract, which helps soothe, soften and smooth your skin’s texture.

How he uses it: He washes his face at night and applies it as the last step in his routine, washing it off in the morning. He said his favorite thing about using it is that his “skin looks plump and soft” the next morning.

#4: Shani Darden Intensive Eye Renewal Cream

Prepared by the one and only Shani Darden, celebrity beautician and sweet, talented human, this eye cream is literally the cream of the crop – it’s my favorite eye cream formula I’ve ever tried! It’s so creamy and luxurious, doesn’t pill under makeup, and is packed with ingredients. It contains silk tree extract to help deal with dark circles with continued (and I mean religious) use, pea peptides to boost your skin’s elasticity, niacinamide to soften fine lines , ceramides and squalane to hydrate and protect the skin barrier, and shea butter and cucumber extract to hydrate and calm your skin. I’ve been using it for a while now and I’m absolutely hooked – when I wake up my under-eyes look plump and hydrated, never crinkly or dry.

How I use it: In the evening, I apply a very small dot (a little is enough because of its creamy texture) on the tip of my index finger and tap it from the outer corner of the eye towards the inner corner. You can also use it twice a day – remember to always follow up with SPF if you use it in the morning!

#5: Summer Fridays Butter Lip Balm

I would be doing you a huge disservice if I didn’t highlight this lip balm created by influencers Lauren Gores Ireland and Marianna Hewitt. It’s the perfect formula – it uses super hydrating shea butter, murumuru seed butter and vegan waxes to keep your lips soft without any greasy feeling, and has the most heavenly vanilla scent. When I apply it right before going to bed, it’s still on my lips when I wake up the next morning. It’s magical and my favorite of all time.

How I use it: I only have to apply it twice a day – it stays on my lips that long – then I apply it after brushing my teeth and going to bed. It leaves my lips so soft and hydrated in the morning when I wake up. I hope you try it because I know you’ll be obsessed too!

Resting Mom Face is a column by Romper contributor and beauty expert Carly Cardellino.

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