Skin Inc’s Tri-Light SABI AI app is a skincare coach in your pocket


When a teenager got my very first iPhone in 2010, I got a little crazy about apps. Social media, games, water trackers, study aids – I downloaded anything and everything, even the useless ones that made your voice sound like MT They felt like a (mostly) free medium to organize and enjoy life – and more than a decade later, they still help me keep mine together. The only exception? Skin care. I had apps on my phone to track my exercise and sleep, but relied solely on photos to monitor changes in my skin, which left a lot to be desired (one word: lighting). Finally, however, there is an app for that. Skin Inc’s Tri-Light + SABI AI combines the skin-transforming properties of a high-tech device with the organization and insight of a streamlined app – think a FitBit, but for your skin. With a number of AI features, all designed to figure out the best way to holistically improve your skin, the multi-tool itself has settings to make it happen. I loved the idea of ​​having both the information and the tools to make a real difference to my skin – it was a product this app-obsessed skincare enthusiast couldn’t wait for. to dig.

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The app

The SABI AI application, designed to be coupled with the The Tri-Light device most closely resembles a fitness app. After registering yourself and your device through the app, you will be prompted to mark the areas you want to improve, such as overall skin health, puffiness, wrinkles, etc. This is just the first of a few quizzes, actually. By uploading a selfie, the app will spit out what is essentially a skin scorecard, giving categories like “youthful appearance” and “skin barrier” a numerical score out of 100. Then you can switch to another self-reported quiz to fill in information about lifestyle and environmental factors that might affect your skin. Based on the results, you’ll receive prescriptive guidance on which device settings to use in your Tri-Light that can help you achieve your skincare goals – and it’ll even send you little push notifications to remind you, too. . While that already sounds like a ton of features, that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Order custom Skin Inc serum blends based on your quiz results, watch tutorials, share your scores and progress with other community members, and even quickly view location-based tips like the Hint UV in your region. It’s like having a skincare expert on call in your pocket all the time – only this one won’t charge you by the hour.

Skin Inc.

The device

Of course, the super convenient app is only half the point. The app data informs your plan for the wearable device and just like the app functions, the options are quite extensive. The Tri-Light has eight different abilities powered by LED light therapy, sonic therapy, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy, and a moisture sensor to address issues like irritation, fine lines, and dullness. The best part? You don’t have to fiddle with a million buttons or settings to find the right combination for you – AI presets mean all you have to do is follow the placement guidelines in the app’s tutorial section SABI AI. Perhaps the coolest aspect, however, is the device’s hydration tracking. A tiny cap at the bottom of the handle reveals a tiny sensor. When held against your bare skin, you’ll get an instant readout of your skin’s hydration level – crucial for tracking the effectiveness of topicals to further refine your skincare routine (and hold your skincare products). responsible skin).


Although Skin Inc promises to keep the app free forever, there is a personalized serum subscription you can sign up for. Specially formulated to target your individual concerns, the app will remind you to use it and even automatically renew your order. Serums take into account everything from your location’s pollution and UV levels to how long you sleep each night for very personal blends – or, if you know what you like, you can buy the most sold from Skin Inc (vitamin C and hyaluronic acid among them) directly in the app, too. Prices vary by subscription, ranging from $72 per month to $95 per month depending on your time commitment.

My opinion

Surprisingly, my skin is actually pretty good right now. These days, I would rate my concerns as pretty superficial, with issues like lingering melasma, fine lines, and firmness being minor things that I deal with on a daily basis. Skin Inc’s other big seller, the body-focused Tri-Light, is already one of my favorite beauty devices, so I was excited to get started with the Tri-Light and SABI app integration HAVE. After receiving my skincare newsletter, I was a little floored – things were apparently not as rock solid as I thought, and seeing my “youthful-looking” score in the 40th percentile (the week of my 29th birthday, ouch) didn’t make it feel too different to bomb a math test after studying hard. But the information is good – it was helpful to have concrete starting points and a clear roadmap on how to improve my skin over time. Luckily, I did much better on the hydration test; I could practically be a hydration major. Over the next two weeks, I mostly played around with the Tri-Light’s glow and firmness features to see if I could improve those areas. At the end of my experience, I ranked in the 60s – not bad for just a few weeks. I could see a noticeable difference in the mirror – my skin was brighter and I looked more rested overall – but it was the cold, hard numbers the app showed me that really stuck with me. motivated to maintain my skincare regimen. Encouraged by these results, I plan to move forward to improve all of my scores – and I think I just found my new favorite app.

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