Shanina Shaik Beauty Routine: Skincare routine, beauty tips and favorite treatments


No, despite what you might think, Shaik’s skin type isn’t just “beautiful.” “I had acne and oily skin when I was young, but over time I learned a lot about my skin type and the importance of balance, which really helped me I believe a lot of this is due to focusing on looking beautiful from within and making sleep, water and multivitamins a priority Finding a good cleanser that works for my skin, creating a balance and removing all the impurities has really changed the look of my skin, and given my skin type, perfecting that balance has been so important to preventing breakouts.

But hey, if you’re still trying to find that balance with acne or any other skin issue, Shaik wants you to keep in mind that comparison is a curse, especially when it comes to Hollywood. “I think it’s important to remember that when the models are on photoshoots, there are professional hairstylists and makeup artists on set who spend hours creating a look with additional touch-ups throughout the process. day,” she explains as a gentle reminder to take it easy on the journey to “good” skin.

Shaik certainly believes in putting your money where your skin is, however: “I think investing in high-quality skincare products is so important. I recently splurged on La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream ($265 at David Jones) which I absolutely love. However, even models enjoy a flight – “[You] you can’t go wrong with papaya cream – always an essential,” Shaik noted of his Aussie favourite. We’d agree that Lucas Papaw Pomade ($4.99 at Priceline) is indeed all too worthy of “old faithful” status.

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