Raiza Wilson Recovers From Sloppy Skin Treatment, Shares Photo


Raiza Wilson, who found herself with a black eye after a bad skin treatment, has finally recovered. The actress shared a new photo of herself on Twitter.

Razia Wilson shares a photo of herself after recovering from a sloppy eye from poor skin treatment.

Raiza Wilson shared a new photo of herself on Twitter today, May 18. On April 18, Raiza Wilson shared a shocking image of herself with fans where the actress can be seen with one black eye. Speaking to social media, Pyaar actress Prema Kaadhal opened up about how the skin treatment by her dermatologist Dr Bhairavi Senthil in Chennai went wrong and she ended up with a black eye. She also accused her dermatologist of forcing her to undergo the procedure even when she disagreed. Shortly after, Raiza’s dermatologist Dr Bhairavi released a statement detailing how the actress has opted for the treatment multiple times in the past and nothing has been done without Raiza’s consent. In the statement, she also revealed that she will take legal action against the actress.

A month after this incident, Raiza took to social media to post a photo of herself and fans inundated her with comments asking if she had recovered from her botched skin treatment.


Raiza shared a beautiful photo of herself with her fans on Tuesday and it looks like her black eye from failed skin treatment has finally healed. Sharing the photo, the Velaiyilla Pattadhari 2 actress captioned it, “Hey (sic).”

Here is the post:


After the actress posted a photo of herself, fans flooded her comments section asking how she was doing and if her eye had fully recovered.

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On the work side, Raiza Wilson was seen in a supporting role in Dhanush’s Velaiyilla Pattadhari 2. She now has nearly five films in her pot. The Chase, Alice, Kadhalikka Yarumillai, FIR and Hashtag Love are the films she is currently working on.

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