Probi’s Recycled Fermentation Broth Becomes Basis for New Skincare Product


By-product of Probi’s the manufacture of probiotic dietary supplements is used in a new skin care product to be launched by Symrise in April 2022. This new skincare business opportunity also offers other benefits for Probi®. By recycling valuable fermentation media from probiotic fermentation, we both improve production profitability and reduce our environmental footprint, while bringing a new ingredient to market.

Probi has worked for a long time in close collaboration with Symrise in various fields, which has now resulted in a new skin care ingredient. SymFerment® is a moisturizing active ingredient based on Probi’s in-depth expertise in probiotics. Symrise’s project is to present the ingredient at the in-cosmetic Global show in Paris in April 2022. The companies jointly developed the ingredient, which is based on a by-product of Probi’s production of probiotic food supplements. Probi has a turnkey supply commitment, from the extraction of the by-product resulting from the fermentation of Lactiplantibacillus (Lactobacillus), to the finished format delivered to Symrise.

“By using a by-product of our regular production, our waste is recycled and turned into new products. Some of the amount of water we use in production can therefore be reused. It’s not only good for our gross production margins but also for the use of resources in terms of water consumption, “ said Andy McSheaCEO, Probi.

The field of probiotics has grown considerably and the impacts of probiotics on the skin are proven, as the skin microbiome has become a major scientific field.

“Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable cosmetics,” said Leah SchmidtGlobal Product Manager at Symrise. “That’s why sustainability is always at the heart of our product development efforts. Through the partnership with Probiwe can use valuable by-products of probiotic production to create effective ingredients like SymFerment®.”

“This fits perfectly with our ambition to find new areas of application in probiotics with the added benefit of reducing our environmental footprint. We see potential to develop this business further,” says Tom Rönnlund, CEO of Probi.

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