Probi and Symrise launch a unique skincare postbiotic


The active ingredient was developed from a sustainable by-product (lactobacillus ferment)derived from bacteria Lactiplantibacillus plantarumduring fermentation.

The resulting supernatant – or fermentation broth – is suitable for skin care applications and contains health-promoting micronutrients including amino acids, proteins, minerals and organic acids.

Launched earlier this month under the Symrise brand, SymFerment, the ingredient is the culmination of “a strong collaboration based on principles that provide the key to our product development like sustainability and innovation”​, according to Léa Schmidt, Global Product Manager Symrise.

Sustainable cosmetics

Schmidt maintains what youThe skin microbiome has become a major scientific field consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable cosmetics, which is “why sustainability is always at the heart of our product development efforts.”

The new recycling process provides a high degree of efficiency, while allowing Symrise to reduce its impact on the environment, she says.

“Through the partnership with Probi, we can use valuable by-products of probiotic production to create effective ingredients.

This allows us to expand our portfolio of sustainable cosmetics, of which consumers are increasingly demanding, while taking responsibility for our society and our planet.

Environmental synergies

Probi has been collaborating with Symrise since 2019 but this latest project represents a “completely new companywhich accelerates biotech’s own sustainability goals: to eventually convert all usable by-products of fermentation into useful products for customers.

COO Andy McShea says developing new ingredients using valuable side streams not only increases production profitability, but also reduces environmental footprint.

“Using a by-product from our regular production, our waste is recycled and turned into new products. Part of the amount of water we use in production can therefore be reused. This is not only good for our production gross margins but also for the use of resources in terms of water consumption..”

Benefits of skin care

SymFerment specifically targets body and face care. invivoStudies demonstrate the benefits of SymFerment in strengthening the skin barrier by supporting the filaggrin product as well as having an immediate effect on skin hydration and texture.

Traditional skin hydration techniques were used to measure the moisture content of the volunteers’ hands over time, with visible improvements observed. Similarly, tests using a skin camera to assess skin roughness and microrelief revealed instant improvements in skin smoothness after application.

An additional amount of ex-vivoThe study confirmed the effectiveness of strengthening the skin barrier provided by the ingredient.

Joint projects

Probi specializes in probiotics for dietary supplements and has access to a huge database of bacterial strains and the ability to produce large quantities of consistent quality probiotics.

To date, joint research with Symrise has focused on Lactobacillus​ and their potential application in innovative cosmetic products. The resulting products include the paraprobiotic SymReboot L19 which restores the skin’s defenses and SymReboot OC for oral care applications.

“Together, we can use our common scientific power to bring effective cosmetic ingredients to market,” said Schmidt.

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