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People pay a lot of money in South Florida for cosmetic surgery, but after the surgery, some end up in filthy, deplorable conditions while recovering.

South Florida is a top destination for sun, sand, and cosmetic surgery.

Melissa Wrath flew from Las Vegas to Miami for a Brazilian butt lift.

Melissa Wrath: “Miami is definitely a good place to go.”

She is delighted with the work of her doctor.

Melissa Wrath: “He did an amazing job!”

But as for where she spent her recovery, she’s far from getting rave reviews.

Melissa Wrath: “It was really traumatic. It was really, really bad.

Because Melissa traveled for the operation, she needed a place to stay afterwards.

So she grabbed her phone and looked for what’s called a post-op recovery house.

She found the new body recovery house on Instagram.

It claims to offer plastic surgery aftercare.

Melissa Wrath: “It just looked clean, it looked professional.”

Melissa was to stay five nights at this home in southwest Miami-Dade.

But on the third night, she ran away after pulling off her sheets and seeing a disturbing sight.

Melissa Wrath: “I saw all kinds of bloodstains, very dark bloodstains.”

Her roommate Monika Perez also found stains on her mattress.

Monika Perez: “There were bloodstains all over these mattresses, and they use shower curtains to cover them. It was just awful.

Under Florida law, post-surgery recovery homes are considered assisted living facilities if they provide housing, meals, and one or more personal services for a period greater than 24 hours, which means they must be approved and inspected.

Chris Nuland, attorney for the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons: “And my understanding is that a lot of those places aren’t as licensed. The Agency for Health Care Administration, which regulates assisted living facilities, usually doesn’t even know these places exist.

This was the case for the New Body Recovery Home.

The state agency told 7News that there had never been an approved establishment at that address and admitted that it had no idea the place existed, saying, “Thank you for letting us know. know this additional address.”

Shenita Porter is listed as the manager of the New Body Recovery Home, but she does not own the house where she was.

When we called her, she refused to acknowledge any connection to the company.

No one answered when we went to the house, it looked empty and the mailbox was overflowing.

Plastic surgeon Dr Joshua Lampert says unlicensed recovery homes are a major problem.

Dr Joshua Lampert: “I personally don’t send my patients to them because there really isn’t any regulation.”

Just a few weeks ago, the police arrested Fidel Clemente.

He faces felony charges for running an unlicensed assisted living facility at a home in Southwest 147th Yard.

In 2020, the state cited three other unlicensed salvage homes within a mile of each other.

Melissa Wrath: “What I learned from this experience is that it could have been 10 times worse. I didn’t do any research.

And plastic surgeons say doing this research is crucial before going under the knife.

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