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PARIS – With the upcoming relaunch of MyBlend, the bespoke luxury skincare brand launched in 2007, the objective is to build a second pillar alongside the Clarins brand.

MyBlend is an original idea by Olivier Courtin, Managing Director of the Clarins Group.

“Why are we relaunching MyBlend? Because we believe above all in personalization. And personally, I also believe in peptides,” he explained.

Courtin said the original line was complicated, with a lot of product, and didn’t prove popular with consumers because it was ahead of its time. They did not understand the concept of a tailor-made treatment lasting a month.

“We said ‘OK, we’ll start over with a blank slate.’ We will keep the customization, the name and the peptides, which for me are important for the effectiveness of the products because they really target the biology of the skin to make it work normally.I wanted to make a much simpler line.

So the new MyBlend, due out from May 16 in France, has a base product available in two textures – a cream and a fluid, each for day and night use – and booster serums that can be superimposed according to the needs of the skin.

MyBlend Serums
Courtesy of MyBlend

In total, the brand has around thirty products, including 22 cosmetics, seven of which are “super serums”; three supplements and four tools, including an LED mask and three mechanical tools. (The devil is in the details; most products come with a mini rose quartz gua sha-cum spatula.)

Skincare prices, which include enzymatic cleansers, a scrub product, face masks and body items, range from 75 euros for the firming serum to 130 euros for the nourishing mask and 290 euros for revitalizing cream.

A digital diagnostic will be available to help you navigate the offers. To use it, people can upload a selfie that can help measure skin hydration levels or the depth of wrinkles, for example. The diagnosis also takes into account the answers to a questionnaire in order to best provide tailored advice on the choice of products.

“All of this makes it much easier for someone to get into the brand,” Courtin said. “That’s why we are making a predominantly digital brand, with points of sale either in spas, boutiques or independent perfumeries. We can, perhaps, make a chain, for example, in a country like the United States”

MyBlend embodies its holistic approach to skin care. It’s beauty from the inside out and from the outside in, the new skincare products having highly concentrated formulations of active ingredients that respect the skin and in particular its microbiota.

Alongside Courtin, the line’s four-year development was spearheaded by MyBlend Brand Director Suzy Lebert, who steered it like a start-up, starting with a team of just four.

The product formulations, developed with experienced and young formulators, blend extracts of fermented turmeric, vitamin C, marine prebiome and hyaluronic acids.

“It’s around these actives that we sculpted the formulas,” said Lebert, adding that the focus was also on the textures.

The brand’s 360-degree approach syncs with the vision of today’s beauty consumer, she continued, explaining that MyBlend must be a pioneer in today’s new vision of luxury. Take for example, its minimal and streamlined packaging design.

“It’s an extremely clean brand,” Courtin said, pointing out that the eco-designed packaging avoids almost all plastic. The outer boxes are made of recycled and recyclable untreated cardboard.

Lebert called MyBlend “transparent.” Each of the products in the line has a QR code, through which it is possible to access the application methods; ingredient information, including efficacy; lab test results and — sometimes — before-and-after shots, Courtin said.

A “transparency map” indicates the geographical origin of MyBlend’s products and packaging components. The primary packaging has an NFC chip.

“We are the first connected cosmetics,” said Lebert.

On a societal level, MyBlend will help support La Maison des Femmes, an organization fighting against violence against women.

MyBlend’s philosophy emphasizes the importance of self-care and recognizes that lifestyle and emotions can affect skin health.

The diagnostic questionnaire asks questions on topics such as the skin’s “emotions”, such as whether it likes water; major skin concerns and texture preferences. The results have strengths written in green and weaknesses in red.

“It’s never anxiety-inducing,” Lebert said.

Solutions include personalized product and lifestyle suggestions. Three different product options are available: one, for example, gives four proposals – a cream, two super serums and an ingestible selection. (A maximum of two to three serums are offered in a routine.)

The ability of consumers to try products has always been essential to the Clarins Group, and this also applies to MyBlend. The brand offers a discovery kit of six products for a week of treatment, for 50 euros.

Its wireless LED mask, which covers the face and neck, and sold for 970 euros, uses infrared and near infrared pulsed light. Three settings, to be chosen according to the complexion of the skin, correspond to the duration of the treatment. For pale skin, for example, it takes about five minutes.

The MyBlend LED Mask

The MyBlend LED Mask
Courtesy of MyBlend

As a cure, the mask should be used once every two days for about a month and a half.

“It stimulates fibroblasts, collagen – it’s the regeneration par excellence that also stimulates mitochondria and therefore energy,” Courtin said.

For the tech and nutricosmetic components of MyBlend, brand executives worked with outside experts.

The three different types of ingestibles come in powder form, for glow, regeneration, and detox. Thirty sachets at the price of 70 euros.

“We are offering a new way of experiencing global and personalized beauty,” sums up Lebert.

MyBlend will launch May 16 on and at two physical locations in France where people can experience it: Le Royal Monceau—Raffles in Paris and Thermes-Marins Monte Carlo. In June it is due to be available in Switzerland and Italy, then the rollout plan includes Hotel Dieu Intercontinental Marseille in September, the UK in early 2023 and the US at the end of this year.

While executives wouldn’t discuss the projections, industry sources estimate MyBlend will generate retail sales of 15-20 million in the first year.

The brand has chosen 30 talents to embody MyBlend through a podcast, entitled “Emotions de Peau”, or “Emotions of Skin”.

MyBlend is set to evolve into a second pillar alongside Clarins.

“That’s why we’re building it slowly but surely,” Lebert said.

Courtin added: “We are investing in it very significantly for the long term.”


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