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There has never been a better time to be you. Today’s age is one of virtually unlimited customization, which means that even if you buy or subscribe to a popular product or service, there are usually endless options to make them feel more like yours: phone setups, clothing tailoring, personalized perfumes and specially formulated makeup to name just a few examples. The very nature of the skin makes it an ideal option for using personalized products – and the customizable skin care kits make it easy to craft a routine tailored to individual needs.

The holiday season is also a great time to explore a unique skin care range. Whether you’re crafting a personalized routine for yourself (New Years Eve, right?) After all, skin care is so hard to deliver – everyone has different skin types, concerns, and issues. different underlying. It would be a nightmare to give someone skin care just to wreak havoc on their skin, and since most people aren’t dermatologists or licensed estheticians, it’s actually more likely than you think.

So, take the guesswork out of skin care giveaways and look no further than this curated list of customizable skin care kits. There is literally something for everyone – in fact, that’s the whole point.

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Even if you haven’t heard of the Agency name, you are almost certainly familiar with its acne-focused sister brand, Curology. In the same way that Curology uses digital technology to connect users with real medical providers to concoct prescription treatments, Agency works the same way, but with a different purpose. Agency formulations are designed to slow or reverse the signs of aging with a collection of targeted products. The stars of the collection are two personalized topicals: Future Formula, often based on cell-revitalizing tretinoin; and the Dark Spot formula, which is usually packed with ingredients like Azelaic Acid and Hydroquinone. Starting at just $ 30 per month for a drop-shipping subscription, the service is absolutely seamless.


While many other services focus primarily on what’s going on on your skin, Veracity is much more concerned with what’s going on underneath – your hormones. Almost like a 23AndMe for skin care, Veracity’s Skin + Health test asks customers to send a saliva sample in a prepackaged tube before it is analyzed for hormone and pH levels that could boost everything from acne with rosacea. The Veracity team then works out a personalized skincare strategy that outlines exactly how to treat any issues, along with a recommended diet and lifestyle. It is the ultimate self-hacking.


Feedback from 7,000 women of color informed Glory Skincare’s service, a combination of science-driven products and tailored routines. Make an appointment with one of Glory’s skin experts for an overview of your ideal skin care routine – and it can be done in the comfort of your room. Glory’s first in-house product is just as transformative as the diet creation service. A nighttime serum treating dark spots infused with a carefully calibrated blend of five acids, it’s designed for melanistic skin but works great on all tones. It’s a glorious breakthrough sent straight to your door.


High-tech products suitable for darker skin tones anchor the mission of 4.5.6. – and secures many fans in the process. Simply purchase the products as you would at your favorite skin care retailer – there is everything from exfoliating masks to cleansing gels – and you’ll be prompted to answer a series of easy-to-follow questions about your skin type and its specific needs. From there, the 4.5.6. The team will create a custom blend that suits them from thousands of formulations. Products can even be grouped together for convenience and reduction. It’s the ultimate hybrid between a prescription skin care service and good old-fashioned online retail therapy.


Reese Witherspoon once said that if it’s not nailed down, she monograms it. This can also apply to your skin care, if you opt for Atolla’s bespoke blending services. Another monthly subscription service, Atolla invites users to complete an in-depth questionnaire on everything from their main skin concerns to daily lifestyle choices such as sleep patterns and water consumption to offer serums, tailor-made cleansers and moisturizers tailored to you. To drive the point home, Atolla even prints your name directly on the label. You will have fresh, plump skin and feel like you own your own apothecary in the process.


Arguably the best known personalized skin care kit, Curology develops a skin care routine for you, determined by your dermatology provider on an individual basis. Essentially, this service is like seeing a dermatologist online: you complete a detailed online skin survey and are put in touch with a dermatology provider. You’ll then share close-up photos with your provider, who will create your treatment plan based on your skin type and goals, and within a week your personalized skincare will arrive at your doorstep.

Proven skin care

Proven Skin Care started out as a personal mission in which founder Ming Zhao wanted to take the guesswork out of skin care. “As someone who was told she had ‘difficult’ skin, I was constantly looking for better skin care. But finding the right products was time consuming, frustrating, and expensive. And worst of all, nothing has worked consistently, ”she says on the brand’s website.

If this sounds like you or someone you’re giving a gift for, check out Proven for a holistic approach to skin care that’s fully backed by data. Using your answers to their skin genome quiz, the Proven database instantly sifts through your information to select the best ingredients for your skin – and the results are, well, proven.

Identification clinic

Clinique is a household name in the beauty industry, but many people are unaware of its customizable skin care line, Clinique iD. With over 30 combinations to hydrate, treat, and cleanse your skin, all you need to do is select your base moisturizer, with options including moisturizing lotion, oil-free gel, and hydrating jelly serum with salicylic acid. Then select your skincare product based on your skin care concerns (uneven skin tone, texture, acne, dryness, etc.), and finally add it to the cart.

Dr Barbara Sturm

One way to personalize a skin care routine is to call in the experts. Instead of buying a cleanser from that brand, toner from another brand, and serum from another brand, look for a proven label with a full line of products. And there is no better name to turn to than Dr. Barbara Sturm. Its molecular approach to skin care has earned it international accolades from the skin care guru and this exclusive Net-A-Porter Advent Calendar is a great way to discover the reach of its products. It’s the perfect gift for longtime fans of the brand, as well as skincare fanatics who are new and looking for effective formulas all in one place.


When Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lopez are spokespersons for a beauty brand, you know it has to be good. Hers is one of the newest brands in telemedicine, with customizable beauty and self-care services ranging from skin and hair care to supplements and even sexual health. The brand’s skin care offerings (titled Skin Rx) offer prescription skin care tailored to your needs. The brand puts you in touch with an approved medical provider who adapts its products which are shipped directly to your door. If you’ve pushed back dermatologist appointments, or are close to someone who needs a visit and is just too busy, this is a great gift to pamper yourself and show you care. care about you.

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