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Why is donkey milk good for the skin

The queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, was considered a great beauty. And to preserve the beauty of her skin, she took daily baths in donkey milk. In addition, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, prescribed donkey milk for various illnesses, including fever, sores, etc. To add to these benefits, donkey milk contains four times more vitamin C than cow’s milk. It is therefore no secret that donkey milk is a concentrate of nutrients for the skin and the body. Let’s look at how?

Used for anti-aging and healing

Milk contains essential fatty acids which act as powerful anti-aging and healing properties. These fatty acids smooth out wrinkles in the skin and help regenerate damaged skin. In addition, donkey milk also contains antibacterial properties that are effective in curing irritation and redness of the skin.

Antioxidant and rich in nutrients

Known as a natural youth elixir, donkey milk is packed with antioxidants and nutrients. It contains vitamin E, amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B6, C, E, omega 3 and 6. These properties combined make it a rich ingredient for skin treatment. Additionally, vitamin D is another important ingredient for human skin, and the main source of getting it is UV exposure. At the same time, too much of this product has a bad effect on the skin. This is when donkey milk acts as an excellent substitute because it naturally contains vitamin D. In short, if this milk is applied frequently, it provides a luminous effect while making the skin brighter.

Moisturizing and softening

It is now a well-known fact that this milk acts as a powerful moisturizer for the skin. Also, if donkey milk is used consistently, it acts as a great cleanser and helps keep the skin healthy, hydrated, and soft.

Thus, donkey milk with healing, nutritional and rejuvenating properties for the skin is rapidly establishing itself as a key ingredient in skin care. These are also pushing several leading players to deploy personal hygiene products such as soaps, creams, etc. made from donkey milk. Moreover, the global donkey milk market is growing rapidly with a market value expected to reach $ 68,139,000 by 2027, registering a CAGR of 9.4% from 2021 to 2027. And the increasing use of milk of donkey as an ingredient in cosmetics and personal care products will contribute significantly to the growth of this market in the years to come.

With contributions from Hitesh Rathi, Founder, Aadvik Foods.

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Skin care

Brand Luxury Cheap On Sale Saks Skin Care

Yesour skin is your largest organ, which means it’s worth any investment you decide to put in to maintain its health. While economic beauty can certainly get the job done, sometimes you can’t help but covet the Seas and Prairies of the world. Although these types of expensive products – many of which you probably recognize on the shelves of the ultra-rich and famous – almost never on sale, you can snag them now at greatly reduced prices as part of the Friends and Family Saks skin care sale.

Wondering how to determine which products are worth your money? As a general rule, serums and oils, which contain the highest concentrations of active ingredients, tend to give you the most bang for your buck. Beyond that, however, “it’s important to assess and study the active ingredients in each product and not just choose a product based on its marketing, packaging, or promises,” Rachel Nazarian , MD, certified dermatologist based in New York City. , has already said Well + Good. Lucky for you, our beauty editors have done all the work necessary to sort through Saks’ on-sale skincare products to determine which products live up to their high (albeit currently discounted) prices. Keep scrolling to buy our picks.

Photo: Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Multi-Recovery Synchronized Complex Duo Serum – $ 153.00

Originally $ 180, now $ 153

Consistently ranked as the number one anti-aging serum in the United States, this serum optimizes your skin’s natural repair process to fend off multiple signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. Although it comes at a steep price, it serves as both a protective antioxidant skin serum during the day and a regenerating anti-aging skin serum at night.

Skin Caviar Night Oil Skin Caviar La Prairie – $ 451.00

Originally $ 530, now $ 451

Nothing says “indulgent” like caviar, which just happens to be the star ingredient in this evening oil. The deluxe formula includes both retinol and caviar-derived lipids, which work together to stimulate cell renewal and strengthen your skin barrier. You will see stronger, smoother and firmer skin after just one night and the results will improve even more over time.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum – $ 255.00

$ 300 originally, now $ 255

Often considered the holy grail of luxury hyaluronic acid serums, it’s rare that you find this product on sale (which means it’s time to buy it now). It contains three different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, which penetrate and hydrate your skin at different levels, as well as purslane, a natural ingredient rich in vitamin A that stimulates cell renewal and moisturizing vitamin E.

Clé de Peau Beauté La Crème – $ 468.00

Originally $ 550, now $ 468

Believe it or not, the moisturizer encapsulated in this luxurious golden container is even more opulent than the packaging suggests. It combines many of the hottest skin care ingredients – anti-wrinkle retinol, hydrating hyaluronic acid, hydrating squalane, antioxidant-rich silk – with a proprietary blend of dark spot correction, and leaves a luminous finish that does that enhance its sumptuousness.

Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream PPC Cellular Renewal Rich Cream – $ 145.00

Originally $ 170, now $ 145

Often referred to as “the world’s best skin care,” the technology used in this moisturizer is truly unmatched. It was originally developed to help heal burn victims, but was introduced to the wider market when the developers realized how effective it was in helping overall skin health. So what makes it so special? It uses epigenetic technology to deliver nutrients to specific parts of cells to alter their DNA expression, effectively catalyzing them to self-repair, improving the appearance of problems such as scars, discoloration and wrinkles.

Photo: Violet gray

La Mer Le Concentré – $ 178.00

Originally $ 210, now $ 178

Made with concentrated amounts of La Mer’s famous ‘miracle broth’ (which is made from hand-harvested kelp) plus a ‘stabilizing ferment’ that combines seaweed and seawater and contains three different types of marine minerals that help rejuvenate the skin. When one of our editors tested the concentrate for a full month, she saw her skin transform into a brighter, more even, and more hydrated version of herself, and felt the product was well worth the big change. that it will cost you.

Testament Beauty Turkish Coffee 3-in-1 Mask – $ 58.00

$ 68 originally, now $ 58

For $ 58 (which admittedly is a steal compared to some of the other products on this list), this mask will give you a triple beauty benefit in just one application. Finely ground coffee beans exfoliate and wake up the skin, a combination of niacinamide and anti-inflammatory herbs (think: safflower and sunflower) help calm irritation, and ceramides and fatty acids help hydrate and strengthen the barrier cutaneous. It’s a scrub, mask, and moisturizer all in one, and can be used in place of several steps in your regular routine.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream – $ 136.00

Originally $ 160, now $ 136

Your evening skin routine should be all about regeneration (fun fact: your skin repairs itself while you sleep), a process this moisturizer helps support. It’s made with a blend of marine ingredients that infuse hydration, stimulate collagen production, and help boost your skin’s antioxidant defenses, leaving you with a smoother, more supple complexion that will stay hydrated for 12 hours after use. ‘application.

MZ Skin Lift & Luster Golden Elixir Antioxidant Serum – $ 280.00

Originally $ 329, now $ 280

I consider this to be one of the few luxury serums in my own skincare collection, and can confirm that it is one of the best money can buy. Formulated by dermatologist Maryam Zamani, it is composed of a concentrated blend of stem cells, botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid. According to clinical studies conducted by the brand, over 30 days, the antioxidant-rich serum increases hydration by 25%, improves wrinkle depth by 16% and improves radiance by 38%. Personally, I love using it as part of my morning routine (or before special occasions) because its golden flecks give my complexion an illuminated glow from within that looks gorgeous on its own or under makeup. What else? You can also dab it on your cheeks, browbones or Cupid’s bow as a replacement for your favorite highlighter.

Watch the video below to find out which premium products are part of a dermatologist’s routine.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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Skin care

Monat launches collection of luxury skin care products

Monat Global Corp (Monat) has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of Monat Body Care: a comprehensive collection of luxury skin care products designed to renew, repair and refine, revealing radiant, healthy-looking skin from head to toes.

“Innovation for healthy aging is at the heart of our identity as a company,” said Ray Urdaneta, co-founder and CEO of Monat. “As we’ve gone beyond hair care and successfully established ourselves as a leader in anti-aging skin care, the next natural step is to bring what we’ve learned about skin care. skin for the face to the rest of the body. “

The launch of Monat Body Care marks the expansion of Monat’s fourth category in prestige beauty, preceded by successful hair care, skin care and wellness franchises. Monat is entering the body care market with five products designed to harness the natural anti-aging power of revitalizing plant oils, nutrient-rich exotic fruits, plant stem cells and probiotics.

What is included?

The collection, developed from ingredients clinically tested and approved by dermatologists and ophthalmologists, includes:

  • Hydrating and regenerating body wash: A nourishing and invigorating cleansing experience that soothes and regenerates with exclusive Rejuvateric AMS surfactant, vitamin B3, rose water and beet extracts.
  • Exfoliation and refining of the body scrub: A gentle exfoliating gel infused with volcanic pumice and superfruit extracts that smoothes rough, dead areas, refining and revealing skin’s natural glow.
  • Hydrating & Repairing Body Serum: A highly concentrated body serum containing Vitamin C-rich Hyaluronic Acid, Squalene and Kakadu’s Plum that instantly hydrates, improves tone and promotes younger-looking skin.
  • Smooth and Renew Body Milk: An indulgent blend of fruit, coffee, kangaroo paw and shea butter extracts that plumps, firms and softens, leaving skin feeling renewed and radiant.
  • Silky & Soothing Hand Cream: A soothing protective cream formulated with coconut oil and shea butter that deeply hydrates and fights dryness for silky soft hands.

As with all Monat products, Monat body treatments are natural based, vegan and animal friendly.

Consumers can purchase Monat Body Care through a Monat Marketplace Partner and online.

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Cosmetic surgery

A Beginner’s Guide to Cosmetic Surgery and Finding the Right Setting for You

The “face” radiance

For beginners looking for a subtle rejuvenation, Dr. Jeyanathan usually starts with a pinch of Botox for any forehead or frown lines combined with Profhilo. If your skin is lacking in hydration and you want a treatment that gives you a “post-facial glow”, this is the one for you. Injectable biostimulant, but more “fluid” than a filler, Profhilo will help increase your skin’s hydration levels and collagen production – without relaxing muscles (like Botox) or adding lift and shape ( such as dermal fillers). “It gives a nice effect if you just look a bit sunken on the surface,” says Dr Jeyanathan. Injected into five spots on each side of the face, two Profhilo treatments four weeks apart are recommended. It is also a popular treatment for the “crepe” skin around the chest and back of the hands.

Revive the eyes

For the eye area, Dr. Sateei will sometimes use Botox to lift heavily hooded eyes and dermal filler to give the appearance of smoother, brighter under-eyes. “Many of my clients have said that the stress of the last year has increased the darkness around their eyes, and in the right hands this type of filling can work well and lasts for up to two years,” adds she does. “For a lot of the women I see, this will be the first time they’ve gone out without makeup in the morning.”

Do your homework

Make sure your injector is qualified correctly – you can search for them on Save Face. While social media is a great way to see before and after footage, don’t be fooled by the package deals (it’s worrying that there are “buy your cheek filler and get your filler” offers. chin for free “). Your face is completely unique. “Having any kind of treatment can be intimidating, so it’s important to build a relationship with your injector and find someone you trust,” adds Dr. Sateei.

The verdict

I have found the right treatment for me at Profhilo. I booked with another excellent doctor, former London based GP Wassim Taktouk, who you may have seen as an expert in our Telegraph Beauty School series. I am sure I will reserve for Botox or dermal fillers in the future, if I ever need it, and I think if this is done by an ethical practitioner who always errs on the side of caution, it doesn’t is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. But for now, I feel like my face has been subtly and happily revived.

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Skin care

The Jessica Alba 3-step skin care routine for total hydration

Founded by Jessica Alba, Honest is the vegan brand loved for its durability, quality and, of course, price. The actress and entrepreneur recently shared her 3-step hydration skincare routine just in time for fall, and the results are truly impressive.

In an Instagram post, the actress shared her secret to dewy, hydrated skin even in the driest climates. Everything Alba uses comes straight from her own line of beauty products, which can be found at major retailers like Walmart and Target.

jessica alba skin hydration

© Photo: Getty Images / Valérie Macon
jessica alba skin hydration

“The drought in New Mexico is no joke,” Alba wrote in her caption. “At home for a minute trying to hydrate that face.” Watch Alba follow a 3-step routine for glowing, fully hydrated skin:

Alba starts by smoothing out a layer of the brand’s Prime + Perfect Mask ($ 16), an ultra-rich priming mask that’s packed with antioxidants. After rinsing that off, she applies a few drops of Honest Beauty Radiance Vitamin C Serum ($ 24), which she rubs on the top of her cheekbones and around her face.

Finally, Alba completes her simple routine with a layer of Honest’s Hydrogel Cream ($ 16), which at first glance remains light and airy. Formulated with skin-soothing ingredients like squalane and hyaluronic acids, this finishing touch locks in long-term moisture.

That’s it. Alba’s super simple skin care regimen consists of just three steps, and all at a fraction of the cost of brand name products. Want celebrity-inspired skin on a budget? Scroll down to copy Alba’s skin care routine, optional bear headband.

The Jessica Alba 3-step skin hydration routine

Honest Beauty, Prime + Perfect Mask – $ 16.00

Step 1 – Prepare your skin

Start with this ultra-hydrating mask packed with antioxidants. Between blackcurrant extract, vitamin E and shea butter, it will leave the skin smooth, hydrated and ready for anything.

buy now

Honest Beauty, Radiance Serum with Vitamin C – $ 24.00

Step 2 – Add shine

Then apply a few drops of this radiance booster serum that will leave you radiant. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and artichoke extract, it firms your skin while leaving it clearer and more luminous.

buy now

Honest Beauty, hydrogel cream – $ 16.00

Step 3 – Add hydration throughout the day

Finally, lock in the hydration with this cream gel that quenches thirsty skin. It is made up of two types of hyaluronic acid and squalane as well as PCA sodium, both of which are known to hydrate the skin.

buy now

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Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Shapes Culture in Mexico’s Drug Cartel Capital: Empowerment or Exploitation?

Content Disclaimer: Sex trafficking, drugs and violence against women

Industry and society in Mexico’s drug capital, Sinaloa, depend on and feed off the culture of drug trafficking and the money generated by dangerous cartels. Beyond the violent environment it created, especially for the state’s young women, it marked the standards of beauty, fueling a craze for cosmetic surgery. Aesthetics called ‘la buchona’, which favors pronounced curves is currently in fashion, mainly among women playing the role of “lovers” trophy for a narco man who can, in return, offer them gifts and protection. Surgery is used by male drug traffickers as a method of exploiting, objectifying, and controlling vulnerable women, while championing the idea that women exist primarily to attract and please men. No doubt, both in Sinaloa and elsewhere, cosmetic procedures can boost self-confidence. However, can plastic surgery really be a long-term solution to insecurity when it fails to address the root of the problem and promotes unrealistic beauty standards?

The relationship between surgery and the Narco drug cartels in Sinaloa has woven a dangerous and inevitable network of exploitation for women. As Maria Teresa Guerra, lawyer and women’s advocate in Sinaloa, asserts, Narco culture has nurtured the idea that women are goods “owned” by men, useful only for their sexual value. In order to satisfy their thirst for temporary sex, drug traffickers use money, property and promises of security to coerce women into non-consensual surgery. The “Godfathers” of Narcos play the role of protectors, thus manipulating the women who live among the armed men on an essential game board of poverty, danger and vulnerability. The lack of loyalty shown by these men, and the dependence of expensive surgery on drug trafficking, leads to an increase in violence against women by their narco “lover” or her rivals in a domino effect. . Guerra depicts how women’s bodies are regularly found “tortured and burned”; she remembers the murder of a young woman who was shot in the breasts and hips – mutilated by her boyfriend’s enemies narcotics in the body parts he had invested in. The Mexican authorities remain complicit and non-confrontational.

The relationship between surgery and the Narco drug cartels in Sinaloa has woven a dangerous and inevitable network of exploitation for women

While surgery can seemingly pull the weeds out of self-doubt, it ultimately fails to get to the root of the problem. Although post-plastic surgery women may feel less secure about their figure, the deeper belief that physical beauty determines self-esteem cannot be crushed by a simple procedure. Surgery often results in women noticing more and more new “imperfections” to obsess over and reinforces unattainable beauty standards that trap all women in an inescapable competitive cycle of existing to satisfy the male gaze. Beauty salon owner Janette Quintero boasts, “In my 20s, I was the woman with the most pronounced buttocks in all of Sinaloa! », Illustrating the unhealthy and competitive world of plastic surgery. As permanent cosmetic procedures take place against a backdrop of ever-changing fashion, with some women in Sinaloa now decreasing the size of their curves and rejecting the aesthetic of buchona, surgery is particularly dangerous for fueling insecurity. No matter how much a woman shapes her figure, she will never remain “desirable” in the long run. Both in Sinaloa and around the world, celebrities and the media are pushing women for surgery, littering photoshopped images, critical headlines and secret surgeries on every screen, front page and shop. Emma Coronel Aispuro, wife of the former Sinaloa drug cartel boss, owns a famous buchona figure, imitated by countless women in Sinaloa, while Western celebrities such as the Kardashians promote a similar style, denying often their use of photoshop and surgery. This encourages women to scrutinize their own flaws, leading them to a dead end of unhealthy comparison and insecurity that often leads to cosmetic procedures.

Unattainable beauty standards […] trap all women in an inevitable competitive cycle of existing to satisfy the male gaze

Although in the long run, plastic surgery can cause insecurity and low self-esteem for both the person under the knife and for onlookers feeling trapped by unattainable beauty standards, it can build confidence. in itself in the short term. Surgery is a quick fix for physical insecurities. Both in Sinaloa and the rest of the world, standards of beauty and pretty privileges aren’t disappearing anytime soon; in the meantime, plastic surgery helps women feel good about themselves, boosting their self-esteem and inspiring confidence that can be reflected and shone in all their endeavors. For some, surgery has improved independence and success. For example, Gabriela, 38 years old, (not her real name), a business owner and single mom, says her self-funded procedures to create a curvy, buchona-style figure have increased her self-esteem. Far from trying to impress a narco man, Gabriela is looking for “someone intelligent, hardworking and loyal.” Likewise, the owner of a beauty salon Janette Quintero, feels empowered by her twenty surgeries, admitting “I love it. For a woman, having an operation is the most beautiful thing in the world – changing things about your body that you don’t like ”.

Beauty standards and pretty privileges aren’t going away anytime soon

Ultimately, the cosmetic surgery craze in Sinaloa works as an insidious tool for the control and exploitation of women at the hands of violent narcotic men and drug traffickers. It reinforces the idea that women exist only to satisfy the male gaze, and procedures often take place without informed consent. Both in Sinaloa and around the world, although plastic surgery can boost self-confidence in the short term, it essentially reaps unrealistic beauty standards, which encourage insecurities to flourish for many women. It doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Therefore, the use of surgery should not be normalized.

Read the rest of the comment:

Sex sales: only fans reconsider their decision to ban explicit content

US military recruiting and the militarization of poverty

Fight for what you believe in: why you should volunteer for a political campaign

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Cosmetic surgery

Lockdown Face and Zoom Boom: Explaining the rise of cosmetic surgery during Covid-19

The most common procedure desired by patients was to remove bags under the eyes, which resulted in a 300% increase in demand.

By Dr Rajat Gupta,

While cosmetic surgery initially saw a decline due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as the ‘lockdown face’ entered the lexicon, the industry has faced an increase in the number of cases, now referred to as “Zoom boom”. It’s no secret that two years later the global Covid-19 epidemic crippled the global economy. Elective procedures like cosmetic surgeries were also affected by this, facing an initial decline. However, soon enough, as the “face lock” became a reality for people, more and more patients started opting for cosmetic surgery.

Several surgeons have called this the “zoom boom,” attributing the 200% peak to the increase in online video communications around the world. Between January 2021 and 21, Zoom’s revenue soared to $ 2.65 billion from what now appears to be a meager $ 623 million. In the fourth quarter alone, it saw a 369% increase in revenue, proving that security concerns and online dissatisfaction weren’t holding back its popularity. Several companies have understood the value of Zoom as a remote working resource, also encouraging its use after Covid. This increased use has also caused people to come across something they didn’t think too much about: themselves. Concretely, the phenomenon that surgeons call “face lockdown”. Lock face refers to how people saw themselves in Zoom meetings. Unlike real life, where you can’t see yourself when talking to the other person, having your video in a Zoom meeting exposes asymmetries and imperfections to yourself. When people were forced to face each other and see what they looked like, they started to notice a lot more extra wrinkles, bags under the eyes, and sagging skin.

Increase in the number of patients specifically seeking cosmetic facial surgeries

These observations are also supported by reputable organizations like the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), which have reported nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and face lift as the top three procedures. common in 2020. This is in stark contrast to 2019, where breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck (tummy tuck) were the most common procedures in the United States. Even in India, liposuction was the most common surgical procedure in 2019, followed by rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty. Therefore, despite the decline in medical tourism i.e. foreign patients coming to India for their cosmetic procedures, his clinic continued to be booked months in advance. A waiting list that was previously 3-4 weeks has now doubled to 6-8 weeks due to the Zoom boom. The most common procedure desired by patients was to remove bags under the eyes, which resulted in a 300% increase in demand.

Besides people seeing themselves more clearly and their imperfections, he attributes this to two other reasons.

Peaceful recuperation space

Although many facial cosmetic procedures are minimally invasive or non-invasive (eg, Botox injections or fillers), patients still have a fair amount of swelling and bruising. These outpatient procedures allow patients to return to work a few days after surgery, but with visible surgical sequelae. This process can be very embarrassing and embarrass many patients who might otherwise want cosmetic surgery. The new philosophy of working from home gives cosmetic surgery patients the safe space they need to recover peacefully. They can take all necessary precautions from the comfort of their own homes. Their results stabilized, and by the time they returned to work most of the swelling and bruising was gone, leaving little evidence of surgery beyond an improved appearance.

Self-improvement over materialism

The second reason is more philosophical. Many people have realized that material wealth brings them no joy – what good is a new car if you can’t drive it? Instead, they turned to self-improvement, adopting healthier lifestyles like eating nutritious foods and exercising. Cosmetic surgery has become a part of this mental and physical transformation, helping them achieve the look they want. This particularly applies to stubborn subcutaneous fat targeted by liposuction. While cosmetic facial surgeries boomed during Covid, liposuction was the most popular procedure for a reason. It continued its popularity during Covid, helping patients achieve the contours they wanted while recovering peacefully at home afterward. Therefore, when a diet and exercise program did not give them the desired results, cosmetic surgery stepped in, giving them their ideal body while working to keep it.

Will the boom continue after Covid?

Cosmetic surgery was already a dynamic industry before Covid-19. Especially in India, medical tourism was one of the main selling points alongside lower cost which brought in several international patients. If the lack of travel in the midst of a pandemic has not held back the growth of the industry, there is no reason to assume the boom will abate. Although these are medical procedures and people fear clinical spaces, these elective procedures have continued. While Covid-19 may have educated the average person on hygiene and health measures, it has also helped them understand how to invest in their happiness. As Dr Jill Owen of the British Psychological Association notes, the cosmetic surgery boom during Covid is part of a current trend of being able to see each other talk in real time and care about their appearance. She notes that while this self-perception was previously reserved for celebrities (reflected in how they undergo the most cosmetic procedures), the everyday patient can also see themselves with Zoom calls and social media.

Therefore, it is safe to say that if Covid-19 could not reduce the cases of cosmetic surgery – instead causing an increase in domestic plastic surgery in India – the boom will continue. The way in which cosmetic procedures can aesthetically enhance appearances and help calm the minds of patients alone makes them an important part of the foreseeable future.

(The author is the founder of RG Aesthetics, a cosmetic surgery clinic in Delhi. The article is for informational purposes only. Please consult with medical experts and healthcare professionals before starting any therapy, medication and / or remedy The opinions expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of Financial Express Online.)

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Cosmetic surgery

Linda Evangelista says cosmetic surgery “permanently deformed” her

In a moving Instagram post, ’90s supermodel Linda Evangelista revealed that she is taking legal action against a cosmetics company. Zeltiq aesthetics after being “brutally disfigured” by her nonsurgical CoolSculpting procedure.

“To my subscribers who wondered why I wasn’t working when my peers’ careers were flourishing, the reason is that I was brutally disfigured by Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting procedure which did the opposite of what it did. had promised, ”said Evangelista. “It increased, not decreased my fat cells and left me with a permanent deformity even after undergoing two painful and unsuccessful corrective surgeries. I was left, as the media described it, ‘unrecognizable’.

According to the CoolSculpting website, the procedure uses a science called cryolipolysis, which helps freeze and shrink fat cells under the skin without affecting the skin itself, as well as the use of needles or a long recovery time. Common side effects are said to include redness, swelling, tingling, tingling, skin tenderness, and numbness. However, they also warn of paradoxical hyperplasia – a serious side effect that causes a gradual enlargement of the treatment area that affected Evangelista after surgery.

“I developed paradoxical fat hyperplasia, a risk that I was not aware of (of which) before undergoing the procedures,” she explained. “PAH not only destroyed my livelihood, it put me in a cycle of deep depression, deep sadness and lower levels of self-loathing. “

She continued, “With this lawsuit, I am moving forward to get rid of my shame and make my story public. I’m so sick of living like this. I would like to walk through this door with my head held high, even though I no longer look like myself. “

In the comments of the post, friends and fans of Evangelista gathered to show their support. “Linda, your strength and your true essence are forever recognizable and iconic! Well done! “Commented fellow model Cindy Crawford.” You are loved, “Christy Turlington wrote.

Meanwhile, Naomi Campbell wrote, “I can’t imagine the pain you have endured mentally over the past five years… from people you touched and still do to this day by sharing your story. Proud of you and support you every step of the way.

Other people who sent messages of encouragement included designer Marc Jacobs, photographer Nick Knight, Edward Enninful, and Jeremy Scott.

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Cosmetic surgery

Industry trends, main drivers with COVID-19 impact assessment – Stillwater Current

According to the latest report of the IMARC group, entitled “China Cosmetic Surgery Market: Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity, and Forecast 2020-2025 ″, the Chinese cosmetic surgery market will continue its strong growth over the next five years.

Cosmetic surgery refers to a medical procedure that helps individuals improve their appearance through surgical and medical techniques. Nowadays, various types of cosmetic surgeries are performed on parts of the face and body to improve several physical characteristics. In China, cosmetic surgery has gained popularity with increased accessibility, increased safety, and lasting results.

With the increase in obesity and skin conditions due to the sedentary and hectic lifestyles of consumers in China, there has been a significant increase in the demand for liposuction, skin rejuvenation and abdominoplasty across the country. country. On top of that, the growing influence of social media has made individuals more aware of their physical appearance. This has encouraged millennials and the urbanized population to opt for cosmetic surgery. In addition, the increase in medical tourism, the emergence of non-invasive medical procedures and several technological advancements in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures are some of the other factors driving the market across the country.

Note: We regularly monitor the direct effect of COVID-19 on the market, as well as the indirect influence of related industries. These observations will be incorporated into the report.

China Cosmetic Surgery Market Analysis and Segmentation 2020-2025:

Get a PDF sample for more detailed market information:

Competitive landscape

The competitive landscape of the industry was also examined along with the profiles of the major players.

The report has segmented the market on the basis of gender, type, age group, and region.

Breakdown by sex:


Breakdown by type:

Non invasive

Breakdown by age group:

18 and under
19 to 34
35 to 50
51 to 64
65 and over

Breakdown by region:


For more information on this report, visit:

About Us

The IMARC group is a leading market research company providing management strategies and market research worldwide. We partner with clients across industries and regions to identify their most exciting opportunities, address their most critical challenges and transform their businesses.

IMARC’s information products include key business, scientific, economic and technological developments for business leaders in pharmaceutical, industrial and high-tech organizations. Market forecasting and industry analysis for biotechnology, advanced materials, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, travel and tourism, nanotechnology, and new processing methods are at the top of the market. business expertise.

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Cosmetic surgery

London cosmetic surgeons launch online skin care store

Member article

A health and aesthetic specialist, Omniya Clinic in London has launched an online store, selling a wide range of high-quality, expert-recommended skin care products that help tackle several skincare issues. skin.

Dedicated to helping patients achieve their health and aesthetic desires, the Omiya Clinic London team offers tailor-made treatment plans that include not only cosmetic treatments, but also medical, nutritional and healthcare advice. home skin for optimal results.

The new range of products made available to the public will allow everyone to discover a little of the luxury treatments of the Omniya Clinic at home. Many of the team behind the clinic are recognized nationally or globally for their aesthetic expertise. With many of them coming from backgrounds having worked alongside leading doctors and surgeons in the NHS and the private sector, or large spas and private medical skin care clinics across the world, before join the Omniya clinic.

Using their expertise, they have selected some of the best medical grade skin care products on the market to sell in their store. Including the prestigious Dr. LEVY Suisse range which has been rated by Tatler Magazine as “the best thing since Botox”. The unique range has been scientifically developed and proven to stimulate dermal stem cells to rejuvenate the skin inside and out to fight the signs of aging.

Danyal Kader, Director of Omniya Clinic, explained: “We strive for excellence at Omniya Clinic, so we are always looking to the future, investing in some of the most innovative technologies and top-of-the-class treatments. worldwide in our London clinic, the best outcomes for our patients.

“We work with patients who have rare and common skin problems including acne, scars, aging, sun damage, dark circles and more. Although our treatments help achieve results by reducing the effects of these concerns, preventative care and continuing care at home after clinical treatment is always recommended by our experts. With that in mind, we’ve decided to launch our store with some of the best products available, all tried and tested by our team, to help our patients and the general public access outstanding clinically recommended skin care at home ”.

The premium product line available in the Omniya Clinic store includes high factor SPF products, cleansers, exfoliators, eye and lip care, face masks, moisturizers, serums, tonics, tinted moisturizers and more. Many products in the range are specially designed to relieve skin problems.

Member of the British Dermatological Nursing Group and aesthetic nurse practitioner at Omniya Clinic, Nicola Liberos added: SkinCeuticals and ZO Skin Health. Each of these brands offers products for specific, rare and common skin problems. “

For customers unsure of which product collections would best suit their skin, the experts at Omiya Clinic are just a phone call away to provide further information on the collections available.

This was posted in the Member News section of Bdaily by Sophie Marsden.

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