Mutha founder Hope Smith ditches her skincare routine


For Smith, she fell into the latter category. “I did a full checkup where we had linoleic acid and fatty acids and all the other vitamins you could use, and I ended up ordering huge amounts because I couldn’t get any small amount to make myself a jar. I had leftovers, so I was sending it to other friends, and it was hit upon hit. That’s when Smith realized she was on to something. thing and took the formula to a lab where she tested her innovation.

From there, the “easy” story is that she and her team developed the core MuthaLoad technology in collaboration with a Massachusetts Institute of Technology chemist, and the all-natural brand was born. The deeper story is that it took months of testing, and Smith spouts so many scientific formulas and percentages that I’m convinced she must have a Ph.D. in physics or biology. But the bottom line is that Smith loves the product (“I love our product; I love other people’s products; I love making products”), so she wouldn’t rest until she was sure to 100% that there was nothing better on the market. “So it’s a good thing that I like it, because it’s not easy,” she laughs.

And if you think, I don’t have stretch marks – how does Mutha bring me? well, Smith covered that as well. “We formulate very clean, so yes, everything is safe for pregnancy, but the brand is not just for someone with a child. I think if your mother did something for you, she wouldn’t skimp on anything because she did it for her own child. She said, ‘Only the best for you.’ And that’s the brand I promise you.

As the brand approaches its third anniversary in September 2022, and Smith also celebrates the recent launch of its first book, your body is magic (“It has nothing to do with my brand Mutha. It’s really about sharing with people, like, what I’ve learned,” she says), she educates us about the products — in addition to the hers – that she loves and the non-cost “tool” by which she swears. It’s time for another edition of Drop the Routine.

My cleansers

It depends if I’m in a winter type environment or somewhere really dry, or in Palm Beach where it’s humid. I like Augustinus Bader’s cleanser because it doesn’t strip the skin. If I wear a lot of makeup, I’ll use Then I Met You Living Cleansing Bomb because I feel like it really pulls the makeup on. And then I also use Summer Fridays Super Amino Gel Cleanser because it doesn’t dehydrate your skin like most gel cleansers. I generally never use foaming cleansers because they are usually way too drying. Also, if I do my makeup, I always do a double cleanse at night and a single cleanse in the morning.

My toner and my essence

I love essences and I’m obsessed with mine…youit essence Mutha. I usually use it when my skin is drier. And then when I do an exfoliating step, I like to use the Biologique Recherche P50, it’s nothing new because I know people love it, but I really like the P50 toner.

my serum

I don’t want to feel like I’m plugging my own line, but I love my Mutha No. 1 serum. We developed MuthaLoad Core Technology, and it was the first product we used it in, and we did with a chemist from MIT. It’s clinically proven to go 50 times deeper than traditional vitamin C. I am someone who suffers from hyperpigmentation in the sun, so this keeps my skin [free from it] because I use it all year round. It can really keep any pigmentation at bay. I love the Skin Medica TNS Essential Serum. I will alternate it with my Serum N°1 in the morning, although you can really use either day and night.

My moisturizers

I really use Mutha cream, and that’s it. I really trust myself to give me the best and most comprehensive product. And I know what it took to do. It contains tons of antioxidants and I love its texture.

My eye cream

I love an eye brightening cream during the day. So that’s when I use my Mutha Up All Night because it’s clinically proven after four weeks to reduce dark circles. But I also love that it has that shine and reflects light. At night, I use SK-II Ultimate Revival Eye Cream because I like its texture. And I always use an eye cream before my serum because I’m very specific about where I put it. Your skin is much thinner under your eyes, and I’m afraid that if I put my serum on first, the eye cream won’t be fully absorbed because there’s something bigger in it.

My masks

I love the Sub Zero De-Puffing Energy Face Mask from 111 Skin. They have an illuminating rose gold eye mask which is really good too. I also like the Summer Fridays R+R mask. I never like the rose, but it is a special rose. It smells so good and makes me happy to use it.

My retinol

I love SkinCeutical Retinol. You can do half a percent, so I use the 0.5. I come and go. When I’m not doing that, I use our Mutha Cream Xtreme because it contains bakuchiol. So in between, sometimes I mix them even if the retinol dries too much.

My face oil

Mutha face oil. I really like. It’s more of a dry face oil, so it’s not slimy or too silky. It contains 22 active nutrients, such as tsubaki, kalahari and borage seed oils to lock in moisture and rejuvenate the skin.

My face mist

If I wear makeup, I use Anastasia’s Face Mist or Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist. Both are really nice.

my sunscreen

If I wear makeup and don’t want to shine, I’ll put on EltaMD non-tinted sunscreen. It smells really good. If I’m wearing very little makeup or looking for a more glowing look, I love Supergoop!’s Glow Screen. It is so good.

my lip balm

Right now, I’m loving Lawless Forget the Filler Overnight Lip Plumping Mask. It’s like a really good thick lip balm. I tell everyone to buy it now. If I fall in love with something and someone else made it better, I might as well not do it myself.

My Devices

The number one tool everyone has is their fingertips. A good lymphatic massage can make a great before and after. But I like the NuFace. You really see a difference, especially with continued use. And then there’s this ultrasonic skin exfoliating spatula from Essia. I’m going to put the essence of Mutha on then exfoliate my face. I really like.

Jessica Radloff is the Charm West Coast Publisher. You can follow her on Instagram at @jessicaradloff14.

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