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MasqueBar line of coffee skin care masks now available at Walmart

Have you heard the buzz? MasqueBar’s new coffee collection debuts exclusively at Walmart this month. The caffeine-infused skincare line was unveiled to beauty editors at an online event celebrating everyone’s favorite morning drink – coffee! The Zoom opportunity was completed with a free coffee tutorial from Goodlife Coffee.

The independent brand has just expanded to Tmall, but with more than 100 references available on the mass market, MasqueBar has been innovating in the beauty industry for a decade.

According to Allan Lever, founder of MasqueBar and its parent company Look Beauty Products, the team is excited to present this new comprehensive skin care line. The collection includes cream masks, sheet masks, scrubs, body masks and eye patches, all of which are part of the growing global mask market as reported in Happi.

Also noteworthy, Lever added, MasqueBar’s new retail partnership with Walmart, which includes 3,000 retail stores. The products are also sold in Urban Outfitters and HEB stores.

“While you fill your cart with children’s toys and other shopping items, throw in some masks and treat yourself!” said Levier.

Fall is traditionally the season for pumpkin and spice latte and that’s exactly what MasqueBar cooks up, along with eight other coffee-infused products to add a dose of caffeine to consumers’ skincare routine. Consumers can ‘espresso’ themselves with the following new products:

Be spicy with this new body mask!

Pumpkin and spice cream latte mask
This cream mask contains pumpkin fruit extract, cinnamon bark extract and bergamot leaf extract to help cleanse the skin while helping to refine the appearance of pores and nourish dry areas ($ 2.99).

Vanilla Bean Cream Latte Mask
Formulated with coffee extract, vanilla fruit extract and anise fruit extract, this cream-based mask promotes glowing skin while nourishing dry areas and helping prevent skin damage. visible signs of aging ($ 2.99).

Coffee Cream Mask
Coffee Bean Extract, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E nourish, soothe, and hydrate skin ($ 2.99).

Espresso sheet mask
This invigorating sheet mask, formulated with coffee extract, hyaluronic acid and cica, helps calm and soothe dry skin while gently promoting a more even texture ($ 2.99).

Coffee washable body mask
A refreshing body mask that contains coffee extract, olive oil, and shea butter to exfoliate and reveal nourished, hydrated skin ($ 2.99).

Exfoliating Coffee Scrub
Coffee, coconut and cocoa extracts purify, exfoliate, and smooth skin for a soothed, hydrated, and refreshed complexion ($ 2.99).

Eye Patches Coffee Mug
Formulated with Coffee Extract, Peptides and Vitamin E, this unique set of printed eye patches energizes the area under the eyes while nourishing and hydrating the skin ($ 2.99).

Coffee Bean Eye Patches
Coffee Extract, Vitamin E, and Castor Seed Oil work together to refresh the area under the eyes while soothing and nourishing the skin ($ 2.99)

Coffee Hydro Gel Eye Patches
Infused with caffeine and coffee extract to instantly reduce the appearance of puffiness, brighten and hydrate. Designed to help exfoliate and soothe, they effectively restore skin glow, smoothness, and elasticity while reducing dark circles under the eyes ($ 3.99).

Wake up the eyes with Coffee Hydro Eye gels.

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