Katie Price rejected blood transfusion after cosmetic surgery despite doctor’s warning


Mum-of-five Katie Price has shared the dark truth behind her latest round of cosmetic surgeries as she feared she would ‘die’ after her total body makeover

Katie Price has explained why she refused a blood transfusion after undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries in Turkey.

The 43-year-old mum, who is no stranger to plastic surgery, signed up with the clinic for another full body makeover – including full body liposuction, eye and lip lifts, lipo under chin and fat injected into his buttocks.

After losing a large amount of blood in the operating theatre, Katie was told she needed a two-pint transfusion.

However, Katie’s fiancé Carl stepped in and wondered if a transfusion was the best idea in the Covid pandemic.

Katie also said she felt sick about drawing someone else’s blood and declined the advice.

Katie Price has shared the grim reality of her cosmetic surgery journey after traveling to Turkey with her partner Carl



“I didn’t want to accidentally cut myself and lick it and have it be someone else’s blood — it made me sick, so I said no,” she revealed.

“They asked me when I was still coming back and I couldn’t think straight. Carl said, ‘Why would you want two pints of blood from a random person in you with Covid? ‘” Katie said The sun.

After refusing the transfusion, Katie said she was recovering well three weeks after her clinic visit.

“I feel weak but I eat well and take pills to help me,” she admitted.

The mum-of-five also shared her fears of dying on the operating table after undergoing multiple procedures.

Katie has had eye and lip lifts to achieve a cat-eye look as well as full body liposuction and a Brazilian butt lift


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Katie, who left her children with their fathers while she underwent the operation, said she woke up afterwards with ‘holes and stitches’ all over her body.

The mum compared herself to a monster out of a horror movie and said she looked like she had “cat’s whiskers” sticking out of her nose and eyes.

The My Crazy Life star said she was so shocked by her appearance that she immediately thought “I want the old Katie back!”

Katie said she was worried about ‘letting go’ in lockdown



While her fiancé Carl said he was very upset when he saw the aftermath and called it “the worst thing he’s ever seen”.

Katie said she was inspired to go back under the knife after feeling like she let herself go during lockdown.

She insisted on recording the operations and plans to make a mini-documentary with the footage to show fans the harsh reality behind the cosmetic upgrades.

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