Indonesian Influencer Undergoes Cosmetic Surgery To Look Like BLACKPINK Lisa


A famous Indonesian influencer has undergone cosmetic surgery to look like BLACKPINK member Lisa.

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Indonesian influencer undergoes plastic surgery to look like BLACKPINK Lisa

Popular Indonesian queer figure Lucinta Luna has sparked an online frenzy with her recent appearance. She reportedly underwent cosmetic surgery to look like her favorite K-pop idol, BLACKPINK member Lisa.

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The influencer took to her social media account to show off her face covered in bandages. She is sitting in a wheelchair and being pushed by a nurse. In her caption, the 32-year-old influencer wrote: “Goodbye Lucinta Luna”.

(Photo: Lucinta Luna’s Instagram)
Lucinta Luna

According to the location tagged in Lucinta Luna’s Instagram post, the influencer reportedly underwent cosmetic surgery at a clinic in Gangnam, South Korea. However, some suspect the influencer is lying and is not in Korea.

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People believe that the nurse at her post looks Indonesian. It was also noted that South Korea only opened its borders to foreign tourists on April 1, 2022.

Previously, Lucinta Luna took to her Instagram story to ask her followers what celebrity she would look like after the surgery. Afterwards, she uploaded a video of BLACKPINK member Lisa and called herself “Lucinta Blackpanther.”


(Photo: Lisa Instagram)

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Additionally, alongside Lucinta Luna’s plastic surgery reveal, the influencer uploaded a poster for K-drama “Birth of a Beauty,” which stars Han Ye Seul. The drama revolves around a woman who undergoes plastic surgery to transform herself into a more beautiful person.

She also uploaded a poster for the K movie “200 Pound Beauty.” The film follows a famous pop singer who decides to undergo full-body plastic surgery to change her look after discovering that a producer is in love with her.

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Lucinta Luna has not yet revealed her face after the operation.

Lucinta Luna

(Photo: Lucina Luna’s Instagram)
Lucinta Luna

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BLACKPINK Lisa Latest Music Release

“SG”, a single by DJ Snake, Lisa, Ozuna and Megan Thee Stallion, was released on October 22, 2021. Lisa is credited as the song’s co-writer and co-composer.


(Photo: Lisa Instagram)

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On the Billboard Global 200, “SG” debuted at number 19, while it charted at number 13 on the Global Excl. US chart. Meanwhile, on the U.S. Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart, “SG” debuted at number two,

“SG” debuted at number 173 on the South Korean Gaon Download Chart.

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