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Jamun is a pink or purple colored fruit that is obtained from the long-stemmed Jamun trees found in the tropics and subtropics of the Indian subcontinent and several other parts of Asia. This fruit is widely available in the markets during the summer months and is known to be very nutritious. Jamun also found its place in Indian mythology where it was referred to as the “fruit of the gods” for its health benefits.
The fruit has been recommended in Ayurveda to relieve symptoms of arthritis, asthma, stomach pain, intestinal spasms, gas, and several ailments related to the human heart.
Numerous studies have shown that consuming Jamun helped control high blood sugar or high blood sugar. Along with the fruits, extracts from the leaves and bark of the Jamun tree have helped reduce hyperglycemia in the body. Below are the detailed benefits of Jamun.


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Here are several health benefits of Jamun:

Controls diabetes: The seeds of the fruit contain substances called jamboline and jambosin which can help slow down the process of getting sugar into the bloodstream.

Manages heart health: Jamun fruit is loaded with potassium. It is beneficial in warding off heart disease. Several studies have shown that constant consumption of Jamun prevents hardening of the blood arteries and prevents high blood pressure.

Weightloss: Jamun is high in fiber and low in calories, which is helpful if you are on a weight loss diet. It provides limited calories and kills the urge for constant food consumption which helps in weight loss.

Oral hygiene: Jamun powder is obtained from the dried and crushed leaves of Jamun trees. This powder can be used as a paste to strengthen teeth and gums.

Are there any additional benefits of Jamun?

Yes, there are several additional benefits of Jamun which are listed below followed by how to make Jamun juice at home.

  • It helps reduce symptoms of anemia
  • It protects against several infections
  • It also helps digestion
  • It fights and helps relieve respiratory problems

Besides eating Jamun fruit entirely, you can also drink Jamun juice as a refreshing drink and use Jamun powder for other health issues.

How to make Jamun juice at home?
Gather 10-15 Jamun Fruits
Wash them and dry them
Remove the seeds and put them in a blender
Add the water, salt, chaat masala, honey and ginger
Sift the juice to remove unwanted particles
Serve and drink the healthy drink

Step 1: Collect 10 to 15 Jamun fruits
Gather 10-15 fresh Jamun fruits. These fruits should be purple or pink in color, be sure not to pick any raw Jamun fruits (green in color). Once you’ve gathered them, make sure they’re fresh and aren’t leaking already.

These are substitutes for Jamun extract in the form of capsules to be consumed orally with a glass of water. The extracts contained in the capsule are useful in regulating blood and forming hemoglobin. Jamun capsules consist of flavonoids and phenolic compounds which help in easy detoxification of the body. They are also known for regulating blood sugar.

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Step 2: wash and dry them

Put the Jamuns in a bowl and wash them under running water. This would remove all bacteria bound to the surface and remove dirt.

This juice is composed of 11 Ayurvedic ingredients including Jamun, bitter gourd and others. It optimizes the production of hormones that control blood sugar. They are also helpful in combating frequent urination, excessive hunger, increased thirst, and unintentional weight loss. It is also known to lower bad cholesterol. If you don’t want to make Jamun juice at home, this is a good substitute.

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Step 3: Remove the seeds and put them in a blender
Once you’ve cleaned the Jamuns and dried them, use a knife to cut them in half. This would give you access to the seeds of the fruits. Throw away the seeds because you don’t have to use them.

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Step 4: Add water, salt, chaat masala, honey and gingerr

Once you have transferred the cut Jamun fruit to a blender, before mixing, add a glass of cold water. To enhance the taste, you can also add salt, chaat masala, honey and ginger. Ginger and honey are good for the throat and are rich in antioxidants.

This honey is 100% pure and contains no added sugar. It meets the 22 parameters defined for honey testing. One of the most natural ways to improve metabolism is a spoonful of this honey with lukewarm water. It contains natural antioxidants which are beneficial for the skin. Other nutrients in honey are good for overall immunity.

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Step 5: Sift the juice to remove unwanted particles

After mixing all the ingredients, pour the juice into a bottle. Sift the juice to remove any unwanted particles.

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If you are looking for the same benefits of Jamun fruit from seeds and leaves, look no further than this Jamun powder. It contains the same anti-diabetic properties as fruits and juices. It is really helpful in detoxifying the bodies which lead to radiant skin and better levels of immunity.

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Step 6: Serve and Drink the Healthy Drink

Your juice is now ready. Drink it yourself or serve it to others as you wish. Drink the juice regularly for best results. You can also eat Jamun fruit and use the powder for other health benefits.

Other FAQs

  1. Can I eat Jamun at night?
    Yes, you can have Jamun anytime of the day. However, consume Jamun juice in the morning for best results.
  2. Can I drink water after eating Jamun?
    Having water after Jamun could make the stool too soft, leading to diarrhea. This is because Jamun also contains juice and water and extra water can create a situation of loose movement.
  3. Can I have Jamun fruit on an empty stomach?
    No, don’t have Jamun fruit on an empty stomach as it is very sour. This can irritate the digestive tract and having too much Jamun fruit can lead to body pain and fever.

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