Here’s Why Astaxanthin Can Help Reduce Fine Lines Around Your Eyes


So we’ve mentioned that sun exposure contributes to skin aging via free radicals, but let’s quickly recall how exactly this happens in the body.

“Free radicals set off a chain of events in your body that begin to cause signs of aging, including the breakdown of your collagen and elastin, causing your skin to wrinkle, sag and appear thinner. “, previously said dermatologist Keira Barr, MD. .

So it only makes sense that if you’re looking to have healthy aging skin, antioxidant intake should be high on your priority list, alongside SPF of course. This is especially true for astaxanthin, as it acts almost like an internal sunscreen, improving the skin’s photoprotection against UV rays and helping to maintain a healthy inflammatory response.* Studies even show that astaxanthin can help delay the effects of UV exposure.* But it doesn’t. everything; this antioxidant can actually benefit the skin after the sun and in the long term too: clinical research has shown that astaxanthin helps improve skin wrinkles, the size of age spots and skin texture, as well as the moisture content and elasticity of the skin.*

And these effects can show up especially around the very delicate eye area, which tends to feel dryness and fine lines more quickly due to the thinner skin. In a double-blind clinical trial, individuals reported significant improvement in moisture levels especially around the eyesand experienced an overall improvement in elasticity and the appearance of tone.*

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