Garance Doré’s skincare line is French beauty reinvented


When you think of French beauty, what comes to mind? The oft-discussed concept usually conjures up images of minimalist creams that deliver serious hydration, well-groomed women with immaculate skin (and probably red lips), and drugstores lined with glass-bottled products harboring the secret to eternal youth. While a moisturizer that always makes you look 21 (or even 41, for that matter) is even more magical than real-life science, Garance Doré’s skincare line and pragmatic approach to beauty French might just be the next best thing – that’s definitely the next wholesale thing, anyway. The original French influencer’s debut skincare line, in development for two years, is built around her love for simplicity, respect for nature and commitment to streamlined routines that even maximalists will appreciate.

Developed alongside longtime business partner Emily Yeston, Doré’s eponymous line is like the influencer’s spirit distilled into a trio of highly effective formulas. “Emily and I had long felt like our skin was exhausted from trying so many products with highly active ingredients from our vast beauty closets,” Doré tells TZR. “We’ve both loved the simplicity and effectiveness of French drugstore products for a long time, but realized that many of the classics we loved were full of ingredients that didn’t meet our cleanliness standards.” This is how Doré and Yeston developed the idea for the line, combining their respective skills to create products that they would actually want to use themselves.

“When used regularly,” says Doré, “the simplicity of a Doré routine, fueled by the gentleness and moisturizing properties of our products, creates the foundation for fantastic skin.” With each carefully crafted piece made in France, the Doré line and its kelly green packaging is one you’re sure to see on bathroom counters and in the medicine cabinets of celebrities, influencers and friends.

Although launched with just three products, this first drop from Doré contains virtually everything needed to form the heart of a robust, universal morning and evening skincare routine. The first of the new collection is the aptly named Le Cleanser (you must use a French accent every time you say it, by the way), a smart facial cleansing gel that uses the astringent and anti-acne properties of witch hazel leaf water with white lily extract naturally illuminating and free radical neutralizing goji. berry extract.

With the face cleansed but not stripped, the skin is ready to drink Le Crème, a thick and luxurious moisturizer. The most indulgent product of the Le Crème bouquet and its star ingredients, seaweed and hyaluronic acid, envelop the skin in hydration but are not too heavy for daytime wear or for sensitive skin in general.

Finally, Le Baume might be the most versatile choice in the range. One of those true all-purpose products is a multi-purpose nourishing ointment made with key ingredients castor oil, aloe vera and vitamin E that soothe and heal dry skin, knicks and chapped skin all over.


“For us, the beauty of French girls is cultivating confidence,” says Doré. “When a Frenchwoman finds a product she loves and knows it will work, she’s not going to waste her time looking for the next best thing – there’s a practice of consistency and simplicity.” But it’s not just about great products for the founder. “There is also something quite special in the experience of French women who pass on their beauty traditions to their daughters, nieces, sisters. There’s a real sense of lineage, and we’re excited to share that with our community with Doré.

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