Dr Sean Kelishadi breaks the stigma of cosmetic surgery for men


Dr Sean Kelishadi is a highly regarded plastic surgeon from Orange County, California. You may have seen him featured in major publications, such as Forbes and Playboy, or maybe you have met one of his many prominent clients. It is best known for its incredibly impressive and natural-looking results, which is what potential patients seeking cosmetic surgery are typically looking for. Although the majority of Dr. Kelishadi’s patients are female mothers in particular, he has also treated many men in his practice during his many years of professional experience in plastic surgery.

Many men fear cosmetic surgeries and even non-invasive preventive cosmetic procedures such as Botox and fillers; However, according to Dr. Kelishadi, men are actually the fastest growing demographic in the aesthetics industry, as they only make up around 8% of the market today.

“For men, we are lucky because we don’t age as quickly as some women do,” says Dr Kelishadi. “But once we get older we look old, and many of us will work a long time because of the cost of living. The stock market is not as reliable as it used to be and companies are no longer paying. pensions like before, so at some point you don’t want to lose your job to someone younger because you look a little overwhelmed.

Dr Kelishadi argues that men also want to look good and they don’t want to look old-fashioned just like women. One of the reasons the surgeon leans in favor of men who incorporate more cosmetic practices into their lives is to excel more professionally. “I guarantee you that when you take better care of yourself, you look better, you dress better, your skin looks glowing and you smell great – you are more likely to have a successful career,” said Dr Kelishadi. boldly.

Dr Kelishadi believes that the first step for men is to start taking care of their skin and their health on a daily basis. It only takes a few seconds to apply a moisturizer and a good SPF, and it will make a big difference to a person’s skin and overall appearance in the long run.

“It’s better than waking up one day and looking in the mirror and wondering, ‘who is this guy? “Or feel bad about yourself,” he says. “We’re all our own harshest critics. Once you let go, it’s hard to get it back and no one wants to have that awareness. “

Therefore, it is important that both women and men consider taking preventative cosmetic measures sooner rather than later in life. It’s also important to remember that when considering cosmetic surgery, you need to do your research. Dr Kelishadi cautions that there are plastic surgeons who will try to sell you any procedure instead of educating you on what might work best for your preferences and particular needs. He suggests finding a certified surgeon like him who will treat each patient with individual, personalized care.

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Posted on March 26, 2021

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