Dr Gregory Crichlow has given a facelift to the cosmetic surgery industry in Barbados and the Caribbean


Dr Gregory Crichlow.

Barbados’ top cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr Gregory Crichlow, gave a facelift to the cosmetic surgery industry in the Caribbean when he launched AvantBlue Aesthetics 14 years ago.

With his innovative thinking and commitment to service excellence, he has transformed the region’s reputation from a tourist destination to a premier choice for cosmetic surgery and treatments.

Dr. Crichlow started AvantBlue Aesthetics as a progressive institution that chooses to put into practice the legacy of research, development and improvement of the profession.

Instead of getting bogged down in the old habits of the industry, the cosmetic surgeon decided to continue to innovate to seek better results for his clients. This is why this former student of the University of the West Indies sought to better master his profession before starting his own practice.

Dr Crichlow began his practice after graduating with a strong performance at the University of the West Indies, particularly in surgery. He showed great prowess in surgery very early on and entered the field of plastic surgery. He also obtained a world renowned fellowship in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and a master’s degree in cosmetic surgery in Latin America.

Like many long-time members of the profession, Dr Crichlow continues to be involved in CME and for several years has also contributed to the profession by serving on the faculty of several cosmetic and plastic surgery organizations, including engaging in research, writing articles, teaching and offering workshops to surgeons eager to learn his techniques.

Dr Crichlow then focused his surgical career with a particular emphasis on aesthetic solutions in facial rejuvenation, breast surgery, body contouring, lipoabdominoplasty, and safe gluteal fat grafting, also known as facelift. Brazilian subcutaneous safe.

When he was ready, he opened his first establishment in Barbados and began offering services to achieve great results while keeping his clients safe. His reputation for extraordinary service, integrity and personal development quickly spread outside his country and around the world, allowing him to open the doors of the Caribbean to medical tourism.

Dr Crichlow found himself in the service not only of his countrymen. He began to attract clients from all over the world seeking his expertise in weight loss management, cosmetic surgery, and facial rejuvenation, among others.

But in addition to medical tourism, Dr Crichlow has also introduced several treatments that require minimal anesthesia and a quick recovery time. These practices are very effective and have the power to improve the life of a patient.

And finally, Dr Gregory Crichlow is also one of the pioneers in the Caribbean medical field to use social media to convey patient education. After taking a much-needed break at the start of the pandemic, Dr Crichlow immediately set out to find ways to help his patients even at home.

That’s when he took to social media, especially Instagram, to reintroduce his business and educate people on what it really means to have plastic surgery. Using social media platforms to demystify the practice of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Crichlow is helping standardize cosmetic treatments and therapies that make people look and feel good about themselves.

Dr Gregory Crichlow is committed to bringing more firsts to the Caribbean medical community. He has already done so much for the industry and will continue to do so for the benefit of his patients.

For those who pursue similar success, the doctor says deep technical knowledge is not enough to be successful in the field. Dr. Crichlow explains that understanding the importance of a quality customer experience is crucial to building trust and promoting patient safety and effective long-term outcomes.

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