COVID-19 causing cosmetic surgery surge


Aesthetic appearance improvements help reduce low self-image and depression caused by pandemic pressures

AREQUIPA, PERU /ACCESSWIRE/February 15, 2022/ If the pandemic has caused the stress of a poor self-image, you’re not alone. A study published on Daily Science shows that the COVID-19 pandemic has been directly linked to depression, anxiety, and negative body image.

Medical professionals have coined the term “zoom dysmorphia” to describe feelings of dissatisfaction or dissatisfaction with a person’s appearance that has been exacerbated by staring at themselves on camera all day. This new source of low self-image among men and women over the past two years has led to a boom in cosmetic procedures.

Many people looking to improve their self-image are now turning to medical spas and plastic surgery clinics to make physical changes. At the Núñez Villar Plastic Surgery Clinic, their goal is to help patients use their aesthetic procedures as a tool to improve their personal image, which will subsequently improve their mental state.

“Modeling the human body silhouette is our passion,” says award-winning plastic surgeon Dr. Percy Núñez of the Núñez Villar Clinic. “Our team is dedicated to the profession by keeping abreast of the most advanced medical techniques that are backed by the latest in medical equipment, safety and hygiene.”

The recent increase in cosmetic procedures has also resulted in the practice of medical tourism, in which individuals travel to another country for medical treatment. Future of Market Research forecasts the medical tourism market to reach $77.3 billion over the next five years. From this trend, many medical professionals like Dr. Núñez have gained an international reputation for providing excellent medical assistance, high quality accommodations and personalized consultations that can be performed virtually. This allows individuals to combine quick-recovery cosmetic surgery – such as a breast implant or rhinoplasty – with a vacation, an extra boost in endorphins to eliminate the pandemic-induced negative mindset.

“Our clinic is in the south of Peru, in the city of Arequipa, one of the most important cities in Peru,” explains Dr. Núñez. “In each destination there is a different rhythm to do what you love the most. We have adventure tourism, multiple cultural activities, the best gastronomy, so you can make your tourist trip an unforgettable experience.”

Whether it’s Botox, fillers, liposuction or a facelift, undergoing a cosmetic procedure could be the cure for the negative self-image produced by the pandemic. The professionals at the Núñez Villar Clinic work to help those interested in improving their image find the procedure that is right for them in a setting that will ensure new experiences and relaxation. You can schedule your own specialized web consultation online at their website.


The Núñez Villar Clinic is a center exclusively created to provide the best plastic, aesthetic and restorative surgery service located in Arequipa, Peru. The clinic’s team of medical professionals have over 20 years of experience that ensure the safest procedures to achieve the best results. The team is supported by a beautiful facility with modern infrastructure equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Their mission is to collectively create a culture of well-being and personal image derived from the essence of the person, thus strengthening their way of life.

The Director of the Núñez Villar Clinic, Dr. Percy Núñez, is an award-winning plastic surgeon who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Córdoba, Argentina. He specializes in general surgery and laparoscopic video, aesthetic clinic and plastic and reconstructive surgery.


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