Bryce Dallas Howard shares her skincare secrets


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You know actress Bryce Dallas Howard for her roles in movies like jurassic world and Ugly – and maybe you’ve heard of her father, beloved director Ron Howard. The actress is passionate about family — especially her husband and two kids — and a few other things too: skincare, chocolate…and never counting calories again.

“I don’t diet anymore,” she says. “I quit several years ago, very fortunately, and life has never been better.”

She also got serious about her skin. “I’ve really, really taken to wearing sunscreen where I didn’t even two years ago. I shouldn’t admit it, but…”

In June, Howard co-directs the massive release Jurassic World Dominion, which explores what happens when humans and dinosaurs try to coexist on Isla Nublar. As her press duties heat up — including plenty of red carpets and ruthless close-ups — the actress is making sure to focus on her skin. Which, to be fair, is radiant and annoyingly flawless.

Weleda Skin Food

Howard’s go-to is this herbal cream for dry skin; it is non-greasy and flavored with rosemary and chamomile. (Photo: Amazon)

“My favorite moisturizer is Weleda Skin Food. I use it everyday. It’s the best,” says Howard. “On my face, I mix it with oil – it really can be any face oil. Moisture, moisture, moisture, makes a really big difference. I put Skin Food everywhere The cream is particularly suitable for dry skin, and it really makes your face supple and luminous, without any greasy residue.

$12 at Amazon

Elta MD Broad Spectrum UV Replenisher SPF 44

There's zinc in that doc-recommended sunscreen — but it's still clear.

There’s zinc in this doc-recommended sunscreen, but it’s still clear. (Photo: Amazon)

Because she is a fair-skinned redhead, Howard says she hides from the sun. And she loves the dermatologist-approved sunscreen from EltaMD. “It’s really comfortable to wear and it’s light,” she says. There’s a reason Howard and dozens of dermatologists love this non-greasy sunscreen, which provides mineral-based sun protection. It is protective without being sticky on the skin. You literally forget you have it.

$38 at Amazon

COSMEDIX Purity Detox Scrub

Cosmedix exfoliant spilled from a gray tube onto a purple surface.

Ultra-gentle exfoliant, to eliminate dead cells. (Photo: Amazon)

In truth, Howard’s skincare regimen is ridiculously simple and accessible. Forget those 48 steps of serums and mists and creams and balms.

She says she’s one of those people who doesn’t really wash her face. “If I do it very regularly, I don’t do it more than once a day. I just wash my face at night,” says Howard. And when it comes time to exfoliate, “I use COSMEDIX. It’s really clean, and I really like it. So I use it.

Simply use half a teaspoon of this ultra-gentle exfoliating powder, mix in a little water and massage all over your face to feel refreshed and renewed.

$52 at Amazon

Face oil, by Augustinus Bader

Augustinus Bader oil in blue bottle.

A little touch will do. (Photo: Violet Grey)

Of course, there are times when Howard feels the need to speed things up. “When I feel like it, I make Augustinus Bader oil. It’s so, so nice. It’s expensive but you only use a little bit and it’s so nice.

Just one drop of this ultra-hydrating oil is enough. It’s silky smooth and loaded with cold-pressed botanical oils that help your skin retain moisture, reducing signs of aging.

$245 at Nordstrom

Given her aforementioned love of chocolate, it makes sense that Howard would team up with Lindt to promote the brand’s Easter candy line, something she says is close to her heart and her palate.

“I love chocolate,” she says. “Because I don’t drink either. I have never drank alcohol in my entire life. I never took a sip. It is vice. It’s the thing I love. And to have a relationship with him where he manages to represent celebrating, savoring, enjoying the moment, the pleasure. These are things that are very important to me. »

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