Brown Eggs or White Eggs: Which is Healthier to Eat?


Brown egg or egg white, which is healthier for weight loss?

Eggs are a very healthy, inexpensive and complete source of protein that is easy to prepare and excellent for weight loss.

And when it comes to the debate over the benefits of brown eggs or white eggs, there is no difference.

Although you should strive to consume eggs every day, you should also be careful not to overdo it.

First of all, scientifically, there are no nutritional differences between brown eggs and white eggs in terms of health benefits. The only difference lies in the pigment of the shell and the hygiene associated with it at the time of breeding. Brown eggs are hatched by darker colored chickens while white eggs are laid by the white colored breed.

So, whether you consume the brown egg or the white egg, there is no nutritional difference between the two. The only difference you might feel is the taste provided by the healthier feed provided to the chickens.

The many health benefits generously provided by eggs include:

Helps build strong muscles:

The protein present in eggs helps in muscle and tissue recovery and is therefore consumed daily by fitness enthusiasts and athletes after strenuous exercise.

Eggs contain essential minerals, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins important for brain health and proper functioning of the nervous system.

It is good for your immune system due to the presence of vitamin B-12, vitamin A and selenium.

Eggs are fueled with nutrients to produce energy.

The choline found in eggs helps break down homocysteine, an amino acid that is otherwise responsible for heart disease.

The folic acid present in eggs is useful during pregnancy as it prevents congenital disabilities like spina bifida.

  • Maintains good eye health

The zeaxanthin and lutein present in eggs prevent macular degeneration which is the main cause of blindness due to age.

The protein in eggs keeps you feeling full and energized for longer hours, helping you get through the day without having to take breaks for mid-meal snacks.

Strong immunity coupled with reduced breakdown of body tissues helps promote healthy skin and hair.

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