Botox: Hair botox, LED skin treatment and golden nails: rush to beauty salons as the holiday season kicks off

For the past two years our vacation plans have been scrapped due to COVID-19. Now that the situation has improved a bit, many are heading for long vacations to relax. And vacations mean makeovers, because, hey, who doesn’t love looking the best on vacation? Many are rushing to salons and opting for beauty treatments that are sure to make them the center of attention wherever they go. We talk to skin experts, hairstylists and nail artists to find out what’s trending this season.

Hair botox and balayage are popular now

Many of us opt for hair color before going on vacation. This is one of the most common practices when we need a quick makeover. The hottest hair color styles right now are ombre and balayage. Sameer, a hairstylist at a salon in Hindustan Park, says, “I get at least three clients a day who opt for ombre or balayage. Hair strands are gone now. Some of the popular hair colors, which he shares, are brunette, golden copper, brown balayage, reverse balayage, deep auburn, and mahogany. Mouli Roy, a marketer and influencer, who recently traveled to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands for a vacation, opted for the gold balayage hair color. “It was my first vacation after lockdown and I was really keen to get a makeover. I opted for a golden sweep and although I was a little skeptical at first, the results were really satisfying. Those who don’t prefer hair color can opt for hair botox. Botox is no longer just limited to skin care, you can also do hair botox. “It’s not the usual keratin treatment or cysteine. Hair botox is a formaldehyde-free, chemical-free treatment. The process involves coating your mane with compounds that help control frizz and add a glossy shine to hair. Those with long hair mostly opt for hair botox. Once done, this effect of the treatment remains for five to six months,” adds Sameer.

LED facial treatments, top body polish trends

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When opting for skin treatments, be sure to choose one that is unlikely to cause skin irritation. Priyancka A Mitra, manager of a salon, nail bar and spa on Purna Das Road, shares that women go to great lengths to look their best before going on holiday. According to her, many are experimenting with the latest skin treatments. “There’s a rush in my salon for body polishes and trending facial services like skin whitening glutathione facials, skin mapping and deep cleansing,” she says. LED (light emitting diode) treatment, a relatively new procedure, is also a big hit this season. During the treatment, the skin is exposed to wavelengths of light that help improve skin texture, making it look plumper and smoother. It improves collagen production and tightens pores.

French tips with a twist

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Nail art trends change like the seasons throughout the year. Stiletto and ballerina shapes are already popular on social media and continue to dominate style charts. Among the current nail art trends, golden foliage nails, French manicure tips in bright summer colors or the classic French manicure are all the rage with customers. “To spice up the otherwise ordinary French tips, one can try the embellished French manicure in a bright color and quirky design. That aside, nail art with rhinestones, pearls and sparkles is also popular this holiday season,” shares Piku Basu, owner of a salon and nail spa in Tollygunge. If you are going on a beach vacation, you can also opt for gel and paraffin pedicures to remove dead skin cells while leaving the skin soft and smooth.

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