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Bloom Beauty Essence® skincare products hydrate and hydrate to keep skin radiant

Most people don’t think of the skin as the largest organ in the body, but it is.

As a protective shield for the body, it is exposed to the elements including UV rays, freezing temperatures, sweltering heat, pollution and toxins. Lack of nutrition and daily aging are also enemies of healthy skin.

“Your skin protects the whole body so you protect your skin better,” said Annette Steiner-Kienzler, product developer and pharmacist for R-Pharm, a German pharmaceutical company that developed Bloom Beauty Essence’s® Day and Night Spa supplements. . “You need to keep your skin clean, hydrated and exfoliated.”

Medical News Today suggests the following skincare tips:

“As you can tell from many skincare experts, you need to take care of your skin, both internally and externally,” Steiner-Kienzler says. “But many people don’t get enough sleep or eat a healthy diet full of antioxidants.

“It’s essential that you keep your skin well nourished,” Steiner-Kienzler says. “We understand that many people eat on the go, get takeout from fast food restaurants and consume way too much added sugar in their food.

“That’s why we developed Bloom Beauty Essence® Day and Night Spa supplements,” she added. “Our Day and Night skin care supplements provide superfood nutrition for the skin with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from anti-aging plant extracts.”

The day spa is rich in natural antioxidants from guava, amla plant and microalgae to hydrate your skin. Night Spa contains pomegranate and gluten-free wheat ceramides to help rejuvenate skin overnight.

“Our supplements protect your skin around the clock,” Steiner-Kienzler said.

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About Bloom Beauty Essence®

R-Pharm, a leading German pharmaceutical company, has developed Bloom Beauty Essence® skin care products which are natural and powerful nutritional supplements for your skin.

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