Biossance’s Sunshine Set is Reese Witherspoon’s secret to springtime skincare


We all know Reese Witherspoon is practically sunshine in a bottle – and while we don’t know the secret to her sunny attitude, we To do find out how she matches her complexion: as part of her partnership with the leader in clean beauty Biosancethe actor has carefully selected the novelties of the brand Sun set. The three-part skincare system is packed with potent, pleasurable ingredients like squalane, vitamin C, zinc oxide, and ceramides that hydrate, protect, and brighten for a healthy, radiant glow. (That’s no small feat when you’re coming out of dull, tired skin from the winter months.)

Included in the set is the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil, a lightweight serum-like oil that Reese fell in love with for the way it penetrates directly; the Squalane + Zinc Clear Mineral Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 to protect and soothe skin without the chalky white cast; and the Squalane + Rose Vegan Lip Balm, which contains a trio of ultra-hydrating ingredients to instantly plump lips. The complete set is ideal for all skin types, but especially for those struggling through the winter-spring transition.

If you haven’t yet thought about updating your skincare routine with the weather, the experts agree: there’s no better time than the present. “Skin can lose balance with the seasons, especially during the transitional weeks when temperature and humidity can vary wildly,” says Elyse Love, MD, board-certified dermatologist based in New York City. “Dry patches are a common problem I see when the weather changes and the skin struggles to stay normal.”

The fix? A new skincare ritual centered on hydration and protection, but without anything too heavy. Stefanie DiLibero, esthetician, acupuncturist and founder of Gotham Wellness in New York, says her clients often experience new breakouts of acne or irritation around this time of year, “often because the products that have helped their skin during the dry winter months become too heavy and occlusive to use during the hotter, wetter months.”

The Sunshine Set has been specifically designed to circumvent this with its star ingredient, Biossance’s signature plant-based squalane, which works in tandem with other must-haves to deliver optimal hydration and protection. It’s a popular ingredient for the way it mimics our skin’s natural ability to self-lubricate, Dr. Love adds.

Squalene [with an e] is a natural oil produced by many plants and animals – including humans – to moisturize the skin barrier,” says Dr. Love. “Like most things, squalene production declines from the twenties onwards, which is one of the reasons skin becomes less oily and drier in adulthood. Through a process called hydrogenation, squalene is converted to squalanea stable, antioxidant emollient that helps maintain skin hydration.”

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