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Alicia Yoon knows her stuff. Chatting with Peach & Lily’s founder and trained esthetician is like a masterclass, and I leave our 45-minute call feeling ready to give my skincare routine a complete overhaul. This knowledge comes naturally to Yoon, who has been in the skincare game for over 20 years – she earned her beautician’s license in high school and was the go-to beauty expert for her friends in college. In 2012, she founded Peach & Lily, one of the first online retailers to offer K-beauty in the United States before it was readily available on Amazon and Target. She also launched the eponymous skincare brand Peach & Lily, as well as its sister brand Peach Slices, which is available at a drugstore price.

Yoon lets Korean skincare philosophies guide both her product formulation and her personal routine. “Having sensitive skin, and being a beautician and seeing a lot of people with sensitive skin, and also growing up around Korean skincare philosophy, I always believe in working with your skin,” she says. Charm. “Our skin has amazing things it already knows how to do. Give your skin the support and boost it needs, but you don’t have to do so much that you mess things up and then there’s more harm than good. Being skin-friendly doesn’t just have to be gentle on its own. This means that I use acids and acids are not inherently sweet. But it’s really about working with your skin and figuring out how to incorporate it.

This idea of ​​balance and control with your skin is essential to Yoon’s routine, especially since her skin has recently changed after giving birth. “Being aware of what your skin needs to stay in that happy, balanced place involves being very mindful of your skin,” she says. “I really swear to only take two minutes a day to analyze your skin.” From there, Yoon will treat herself like her own client, taking the time to curate a specialized routine for what her skin needs that day.

The one constant, however, is her severe eczema, so she’s always mindful not to make it worse. “It’s so boring,” she said. “But I just put it in perspective, because it’s nothing compared to what he used to grow up. I still embrace the hope that skin transformation is possible. It’s above all Because for a very long time in my life, when I didn’t know how to deal with my breakouts, I almost accepted: That’s how it is, your skin is your skin. When I learned how to take care of your skin, from your skin histology, what your skin needs, I really learned that you can transform your skin.

“I always keep that in mind,” she continues. “Whenever there’s a bad reaction or something happens, I always keep that perspective. Especially during pregnancy, I had really intense hyperpigmentation and breakouts, and really sensitized skin. Even through everything this, skin transformation is possible.

Below, Yoon ditches her routine. Read on to find the movie star-approved mist, glowing sheet masks and instant eye serum she swears by.

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My cleansers

I start with a double cleanse in my evening routine. I will sometimes also do this in the morning, if I used a heavy oil in the evening. For the oil make-up remover step, I have recently been using Augustinus Bader Cleansing Balm. If I have no makeup on and only have mineral SPF, which is almost everyday, I really like Joelle Ciocco Sun Cleanser. I’m on my second bottle. I got a facial from her when I was in Paris just before the pandemic, and absolutely loved it. It’s really helpful for removing stubborn SPFs, and it doesn’t strip your skin.

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