Agravitae launches the world’s first premium graviola-infused luxury skincare line


TUSTIN, CA/ACCESSWIRE/June 1, 2022/ Agravitae, a leading supplier and distributor of luxury graviola-based health, wellness and skincare products, announces world premiere first line of premium luxury skincare infused with graviola. These gentle plant-based vegan formulas combine the best cosmeceutical-strength ingredients with soothing natural botanicals for superior hydration while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.

Sustainably sourced and suitable for all skin types, Agravitae’s luxury graviola skincare range is paraben and sulfate free. Each product is packaged in Miron glass bottles to protect against UV exposure and oxidation.

“Agravitae’s highest intention is to provide premium, agriculturally-derived, plant-based nutrients in our graviola-infused products,” says Agravitae Founder and President Ken Owen.

Graviola takes this skincare line to new levels of organic wellness

For generations, graviola (soursop) fruit has been known as a powerful superfood in its native tropical regions of the Americas, Caribbean, Africa and Southeast Asia. Graviola is rich in vitamin C and other sought-after skin-nourishing nutrients. But this superfood is extremely fragile, which makes large-scale transportation for manufacturing products impractical and nearly impossible.

Agravitae (pronounced ah-grah vee-tay) uses an extract created through a proprietary process that allows the goodness of graviola fruit to be infused into a luxurious botanical skin care line.

Labor-intensive bioactives powered by nature

Agravitae’s graviola-infused luxury skincare line was formulated by world-renowned chemist and formulators at Benchmark Cosmetic Labs, and energetically tested by herbalist Ashley De Paul. The line includes:

  • Intensive Firming Treatment: Precious ingredients from land and sea come together in this nutrient-rich formula to nourish skin with essential skin-strengthening amino acids and peptides. It is enriched with bakuchiol, a mild plant-based alternative to retinol. Firms the skin, reduces wrinkles and increases radiance.
  • Collagen Boost Serum: Enriched with nourishing antioxidants from Graviola Extract and Meadowfoam Seed Oil that easily absorb deep into the skin to continuously support long-lasting dewyness and skin barrier protection. Plant-based collagen and sugarcane squalane combine to boost skin’s layers with its most essential protein and flood it with moisture. This natural filler-like formula reduces wrinkles and creates volume to restore beauty and bounce to skin while locking in moisture.
  • Hydrating C+ Serum: Brighten, clarify and shine with this unique Kombucha-like skin drink containing vitamin C-based fruit enzymes, prebiotics and hyaluronic acid. Kakadu plum, the king of vitamin C content, and the superfruit graviola offer a powerful blend of benefits that reduce the appearance of discoloration and dark spots, as well as replenish cell turnover. Prebiotics further restore the balance of healthy skin bacteria and PH level; hyaluronic acid hydrates to harmonize and optimize the skin microbiome. This lightweight formula absorbs easily into skin to gently resurface and recalibrate skin for a luminous glow.
  • Repairing Night Cream: This powerful herbal formula reverses daytime damage caused by environmental stressors to the skin. Graviola Superfruit and Vitamin B3 nutrients strengthen and repair while encouraging the production of ceramides that naturally protect the skin barrier. Glycolic Acid eliminates congestion and dullness while replenishing skin with gentle exfoliation to bring new skin cells to the surface, refining overall skin texture and minimizing pores. Plant-based shea butter heals and hydrates so skin feels completely restored and supercharged for the next day.
  • Brightening Eye Complex: Brighten, energize and rejuvenate the eye area with Electric Daisy, a powerful plant extract that naturally reduces muscle tension to minimize expression lines. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and brightening power of licorice root and graviola reduce puffiness and diminish the appearance of dark circles. Copper is creatively combined into a multi-mineral complex that forms a “mini battery” to recharge the skin’s bioelectricity promoting cellular updating for increased collagen production, return of elasticity and reduction of future wrinkles . Hyaluronic Acid enhances hydration as sustainably sourced sugarcane-derived squalane penetrates pores and seals in moisture. This silky, weightless complex leaves skin toned with a refreshed, luminous glow.

About Agravitae

Agravitae is an innovative supplier and marketer of luxury graviola-infused health, wellness and skincare products. Using a truly holistic product development approach, steeped in tradition, grounded in science, and driven by the belief that true health is living in harmony with the law of nature, nutrient-dense, Graviola-infused products ‘Agravitae are now available to consumers worldwide.

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