7 Evergreen Indian Superfood Alternatives to Add to Your Diet


Exotic superfoods are the new buzzword in the food world. Almost every exercise-minded person or would-be fitness enthusiast promotes imported fruits and vegetables. However, people don’t know that there are a few lesser known Indian superfoods with the same amount of nutrients at a lower price and easier access.

Instead of diving deep into social media food trends of consuming exotic foods food, switch to Indian superfood alternatives. We have put together a list of desi surrogates for international superfoods which are packed with abundant nutrients.

Alternative to Indian superfoods to try

Coconut instead of avocado

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There is no doubt that avocados are packed with multiple health benefits. However, they are expensive in India for a lot to consume daily. But don’t worry, you can easily substitute coconut. Coconut is also known as a miracle fruit due to its high nutrient density. This tropical fruit is high in insoluble fiber, manganese, carbohydrates, fat, protein, and small amounts of B vitamins.

Coconut is used in a number of skin and health remedies. It keeps your digestion intact, helps reduce inflammation in your skin, keeps your body cool, improves your heart health, and even works wonders in weight loss.

Flax seeds instead of chia seeds

Indian superfoods
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Although chia seeds and sabja, aka flax seeds, look similar, they are different. Both belong to the same mint family and have nearly equal amounts of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. However, where chia seeds contain fewer calories than sabja, flaxseeds contain a higher amount of copper and potassium. Also, if they are soaked in water overnight, they swell and become rich in iron and antioxidants.

Spinach instead of kale

Indian superfoods
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If you’re on a weight loss binge, dependent on exotic superfoods like kale, Indian veggies can easily beat it hands down. Healthy green vegetables like spinach are readily available in the market. And they contain more folate and vitamins A and K than kale. However, spinach and kale promote weight loss and improve heart health. Spinach is a powerhouse of nutrition. You can make it into a meal or mix it into smoothies for a healthier start.

coconut oil for olive oil

Indian superfoods
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People often associate olive oil with healthy cooking and weight loss. But surprisingly, Indian oils like coconut oil and mustard oil are equally beneficial and are chosen in global households due to their dense nutritional value. Coconut oil contains healthy fats and helps improve good cholesterol. Meanwhile, mustard oil has antimicrobial properties and reduces inflammation. Both of these oils are available at a much cheaper price than olive oil.

Amla instead of goji berry

Indian superfoods
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Goji berries offer many health benefits, such as an improved immune system and healthier skin. However, fresh berries like these are almost impossible to obtain in the country. And all you can access are the dried forms of goji berries in specialty stores, which are quite expensive. Opt for amla instead. Also known as gooseberry, amla is rich in vitamin C and provides better skin and vision. This fruit also acts as a regulator in maintaining your blood sugar levels. Gooseberry keeps your system hydrated and prevents your skin from drying out.

Amaranth for quinoa

Indian superfoods
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Amarnath or rajgiri seeds are a great Indian superfood alternative to exotic quinoa seeds. This one is the Desi equivalent of the popular international variant that is often used for weight loss. Amarnath seeds are packed with the right amount of protein and contain not only double, but four times the calcium of other grains. These gluten-free seeds also contain iron and magnesium fiber, which have multiple health benefits, such as improving bone health.

Doodhi or Chow Chow instead of zucchini

Indian superfoods
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Zucchini is the new favorite of all fitness enthusiasts who aspire to lose weight through diet. However, the Indian superfood, doodhi, a gourd shape, can easily replace zucchini. Doodhi is low in calories and contains fiber, protein, the right amount of carbohydrates and a series of vitamins like A, B1, B2, B3, C and E. This vegetable is the ideal choice for weight loss and can also cure sleep disorders. Doodhi improves heart health, reduces stress and keeps your digestive system intact.

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