3 Sun Care Routine Tips From Skin Care Experts


So it’s spring and you want to take care of your skin as you prepare to spend a lot more time outdoors in the months to come. But here’s the rub: much of the skincare advice basically recommends avoiding the sun at all costs.

So how are you supposed to enjoy the sun season without worrying about your skin? No surprise, it’s all about balance—finding a suncare routine that prioritizes your skin’s health while allowing you to make the most of the sunny season.

That’s why Josie Maran is on a mission to redefine the rules of sun protection, and the brand’s fans love her, including body positivity advocate Candace Molatore, who is dedicated to promoting the inclusiveness, joy and beauty in which you can feel good.

“I’m not necessarily exposed to direct sunlight, but I think measured time outdoors while having fun with sunscreen is totally acceptable and beneficial for your mental health,” says Molatore. And Josie Maran herself totally agrees.

“I encourage everyone I know to enjoy nature and the sun,” says Josie Maran, founder and CEO of Josie Maran skin care. “Even though we love nature, we should also learn from it and be like plants that have built-in sun protection so we can love the sun.” How do you achieve this level of UV defense, exactly? Solid sunscreen (with some established sun protection routines), of course.

Maran actually studied plants in order to create the new Josie Maran Get Even Sun Milk SPF 33, a mineral sunscreen that uses microsperse technology, which Maran says, helps the formula spread 100% evenly on your skin, and cgives a fresh and rosy finish. “It makes skin feel like it doesn’t even have SPF,” adds Maran, making it easy to check the routine suncare rule of wearing sunscreen every day.

Below, Molatore and Maran share their new rules for suncare that combine quality time outdoors with good skin health, because what good is the hot weather if you can’t make the time to enjoy mother nature for yourself?

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1. Soak up the sun…yes, really

Not only does the sun provide vitamin D, but getting outdoors also helps your body feel more relaxed, Maran says. And honestly, what’s better than the feel of the sun on your face on a hot day? (We will wait.)

“While I think it’s important to be careful about how much time you spend in the sun, I get a good mood from time outdoors, especially in the summer,” says Molatore. “If you’re aware of how you’re in the sun, applying your sunscreen, staying hydrated, etc., you don’t have to completely hide from time outdoors to live your best life, especially in summer.” Moderation (and SPF!) is always key.

2. Embrace the mineral

There’s no waiting for the sun to go down to enjoy your spring and summer plans, so getting the right kind of sunscreen to protect you is essential. This brings us to Maran’s second sunscreen rule: go for mineral sunscreen (which uses real ingredients to block UV rays versus chemical sunscreen which filters out harmful rays).

In Get Even Sun Milk SPF 33 you will find zinc oxide which provides UVA protection (the type of rays that contribute to aging) as well as titanium dioxide to provide UVB (burn-in) protection, as well as the signature 100% Pure Argan from Josie Maran. The oil, which provides vitamin E and essential fatty acids to your skin to help lock in moisture.

Worried about the usual white mineral sunscreen residue? Do not be. One of Molatore’s favorite things about Get Even Sun Lotion is how perfectly it blends. “As someone with more melanistic skin, I tend to avoid anything that leaves a white or blue tint to the skin,” she says. “Get Even Sun Lotion penetrates and leaves skin feeling silky and bouncy thanks to the moisturizing properties of argan oil. It also smells great!”

This blend is the result of Milk Microsperse technology, which uses tiny particles to create a thinner, more even layer on the skin, rather than traditional mineral sunscreens which rely on standard emulsion technology and heavy mineral particles. which can feel thick, says Maran. “Imagine pea-sized particles instead of an absorbent beach ball in your skin,” she says. This is the visual we needed.

3. Remember to reapply

The same way Maran used real plants as inspiration to create his SPF, Molatore uses his indoor plants as daily reminders to maintain his sunscreen routine, and honestly, we think that’s genius. . “If your plants are thriving and catching those rays inside your home, so is your skin,” she Molatore says.

So if you’re going to be out in the sun all day (or in your house with sunlight streaming through the windows), Maran suggests setting a timer to reapply your SPF so you’re not guessing when your skin might use its next protective layer. “Also check to see if your skin is reacting negatively,” she says. “Your body knows you better!”

Ultimately, this season’s sun protection rules are all about having fun in the sun in the safest way possible for your skin, so you can stay glowing from within.

Photos: Candace Molatore/W+G Creative

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