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I have a drawer full of vitamin C powders, gummies, and other random capsules. Do I know where the ingredients come from? No. Did I feel different after taking them? Not really. Do I wish there was an all-natural vitamin C supplement that was ethically sourced, sugar-free, and actually boosted my energy and immunity? I asked the question, so I’ll answer it, yes.

Luckily, 2×4 Nutrition and its Resilient-C supplement tick all of those boxes. Founded and developed by Dr. Mallory Blair, a chemist and mother of two, this vitamin C supplement is formulated to give you the nutrients you need, and it’s even safe for children over 4 years old. Backed by clinical trials and third-party testers, it uses Nutristack liposomal technology to help the body absorb nutrients quickly and efficiently up to 15 times better than other supplements. Additionally, for every unit sold, 2×4 donates two meals around the world.

What does it do?

Resilient-C gives you 95% vitamin C absorption (compared to 5-10% absorption from gummies or pills) to help boost your natural immunity, fight stress and support healthy your heart and blood vessels. It also stimulates collagen production for healthy, glowing skin with greater elasticity. Ingredients are sustainably sourced and verified for purity and quality, which can give you peace of mind while enjoying all the benefits of vitamin C.

How it works?

Resilient-C uses tiny bubbles of lipids, called liposomes, to keep nutrients from breaking down in your stomach, allowing them to be absorbed into the bloodstream and dispersed to the cells that need them. Science! Just stir a teaspoon into your juice or smoothie (or make this refreshing orange mint drink) and it’s like eating 10 oranges. Clinical studies have shown that one bottle of Resilient-C is equivalent to one dropper of vitamin C minus the needle.

What the critics say:

“I love using 2×4’s Resilient-C. I’ve noticed my skin is more supple and glowing. It’s more of a natural glow than when I’ve used other brands. And you can mix it with anything that makes it so convenient. Eva Ophelia

“I have been using 2×4 for a few months and I love it! It is easy to mix with water and tastes good. I generally feel more energetic after drinking it. I love that it’s a natural product and doesn’t give me jitters with all the caffeine. This is by far the best product I have ever used for vitamin CI. I think this is the best and most natural vitamin C product I have ever tried. We like it!” – Mia Ling

“I’ve tried several different brands, and these are definitely the best! The first time I took them I noticed a big difference in the appearance of my skin. Plus, they taste great mixed with juice! no aftertaste. – Norah P.

“I used to feel tired and sluggish every morning, but after taking this for a few weeks I now feel like I can run a marathon in the morning! So far so good. Thank you.” – Amy C

Shop other 2×4 products

Get healthier skin, hair and nails

Beautiful Glow by 2×4 is designed to promote healthy, glowing skin, strong nails and shiny hair. How it works? The fast-absorbing supplement uses vitamins A and C to support collagen production for glowing skin, and it also contains biotin for hair growth and nail strength. Plus, the antioxidant lutein helps protect cells from damage. One enthusiastic reviewer reports, “Give it a few weeks to see results, YOU WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE!”

Improve the quality of your sleep

Designed to promote calm and relaxation, Better Sleep by 2×4 can help you fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed. It is made with a blend of natural amino acids GABA, valerian root, melatonin and lemon balm to put your body in a relaxed state and relieve your tension. And like other 2×4 supplements, it’s liposomal so it absorbs into your bloodstream within minutes. A clinical study showed that after taking a dose 10 to 15 minutes before bed, 75% of subjects had a decrease in the number of times they got up at night, and they had a 50% improvement in their awakening. Reviews confirm this, reporting that they start the day feeling refreshed and energized – a major benefit for tired parents.

Your liver’s best friend

Flush toxins from your body and help support your liver with 2×4’s Body Detox. It can also help boost and increase your energy levels so you feel calm and healthy. The key ingredient? Glutathione, a natural antioxidant produced by your liver to help your body repair and rebuild tissue, boost immunity, and get rid of those toxins. One enthusiastic reviewer reports, “I have sustained energy throughout the day,” adding, “Is this a miracle product? That’s definitely how I feel!

Visit 2×4 to shop all of these products, and don’t forget to use code RESILIENT50 to get 50% off your first purchase of Resilient-C.

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