December 2018

Skin treatment

Woman who’s never worn sunscreen reveals skin treatment for sun damage after sharing shocking before and after photos

A WOMAN with sun damaged skin has shared dramatic before and after photos since using a new anti-aging skin care regimen.

Reddit user I never thought125 posted two photos of her face – taken four years apart – side by side in which she wears no makeup except mascara.


The woman posted her amazing sun damaged skin transformation on RedditCredit: NeverMeant125 // Reddit

Admitting that she was never in the habit of wearing sunscreen or hydrating despite having a regular tan, the first image shows her the 24-year-old with a heavily freckled complexion.

But in the second, taken at 28, her skin is much clearer and more radiant.

She detailed the treatment plan in her thread, explaining that the texture of her skin previously was “horrible because it was so dry”.

“Honestly, I wore a lot of makeup back then because I didn’t like the look of my skin,” she continued.

    She credited this serum as the driving force behind the transformation


She credited this serum as the driving force behind the transformationCredit: SILKNATURALS
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“Not because of the freckles, but because of all the other things.”

Her new skin care routine was designed to “target melasma and general irregularities” in her complexion.

She admits it was the complete overhaul of her skin regimen – a combination of cleansers, serums and exfoliators – that was responsible for the dramatic transformation, but she identified a few key products that she believes played a role. essential.

“I think [it was] the vitamin C serum, then I wear sunscreen every day, even when I’m not sunbathing, ”she wrote.

    She also enlarged this moisturizer


She also enlarged this moisturizerCredit: First aid
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In the post, she revealed that she uses SilkNaturals Facelift Vitamin C Serum and First Aid Beauty SPF 30 5 in 1 Face Cream, both of which she applies in the morning in that order.

This makes sense given that vitamin C not only helps protect the skin from radical damage, it also brightens the skin and reduces discoloration.

At night, she cleanses with CeraVe cleanser, then alternates between Silk Naturals AHA toner and MUAC retinol. Before going to bed, she hydrates with Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil.

In the photo after, the woman’s freckles are drastically reduced.

    Emily Atack's freckles appeared during her time in the jungle


Emily Atack’s freckles appeared during her time in the jungleCredit: Rex Features

Freckles can be stimulated by UV light, which means that anyone who is not protected from the sun’s rays can get them, although many freckles are caused by genetics.

Exposure to the sun causes the production of melanin, which is used to protect the skin, which makes freckles darker and more pigmented.

Areas that are more likely to be exposed, including the face, arms, and upper body, are more likely to have freckles because the skin produces melanin to protect itself from the sun.

Those with lighter skin and hair are more likely to develop freckles because they will produce more melanin in response to protecting themselves from sun damage.

Since entering the jungle, the pretty freckles of Emily Atack, the star of I’m A Celeb, have appeared in force.

Earlier this year, fresh-faced celebrities showed off their freckles after Perrie Edwards admitted hers had left her “insecure” for years.

Perrie Edwards shows freckles as she reveals Instagram post

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