April 2014

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Winter Skin Sauveur: the only skin treatment you’ll ever need this season

Yeah, Melbourne, we get it. Summer is over and your need to freeze us all with your subzero temperatures is very, very obvious. And with the dark skies, delicious torrential downpours and arctic winds that you seem to love so much, comes skin enemy # 1 – dull, dehydrated winter skin. Oh yes, thank you very much for that.

Well, adorable Listers, don’t worry about the dreaded winter skin feeling anymore because Skin well-being in Canterbury has the ultimate solution for the skin! While the suburban beauty salon and skin clinic is offering a range of results-oriented skin treatments, it’s their 90 minutes. Facial Justification Epinova Photosonic that makes you want to spin on a hill, like Maria in The Sound of Music, singing her praises. Let’s be honest this is one of the best facials in Melbourne.

So why do you need to book for one of these winter skin saviors?

First of all, the name and brand used say it all: Rationale, a cosmeceutical skin care company favored by Australia’s leading dermatologists, skin coaches and cosmetic doctors, delivers top-notch products that really do what it takes. ‘they claim to do. Rationale products contain the perfect blend of active ingredients, vitamins and minerals to achieve clear, hydrated and happy skin. Skin Wellness has the same passion for results-oriented products and treatments., so really, it’s a match made in heaven.

The treatment itself begins with a skin analysis conducted by one of Skin Wellness’s expert coaches. The consultation not only allows the skin coach to gain a deep understanding of your skin type – very important when it comes to effective skin treatments – but also helps YOU understand what your skin needs and what. what she wants, as well as how best to treat her at home.

Then it’s massage time – ahhhh, glorious massage time. Your feet, arms and shoulders will be massaged so well that if you are like me, you will be about to fall asleep. I don’t apologize… falling asleep, or approaching, is a sign that you are on to a good thing.

A deep cleansing and an enzyme peel follow the massage, which in my opinion is the best part. Cleansing cleans your pores of dirt, while the peel not only removes dead, dry skin, it also helps hydrate and brighten the skin. Goodbye winter dull skin and hello fair complexion!

Another massage (this time focused on the face and shoulders – a treat!), A personalized mask and LED light therapy – perfect for strengthening skin that is often weakened in winter – are the next steps, before finishing with an application. by Rational’s famous antioxidant serum. Seriously, if I could drink this super serum, I would!

As if the promise of clear, hydrated, and smooth skin like a baby’s bottom wasn’t enough, consider this; Skin well-being are giving The Urban List readers a free 30-minute back massage (trust me, their massages are good) valued at $ 40, when you book for Rational Epinova’s Photosonic Facial. Simply call 9836 0229 to reserve and be sure to mention the urban list to take advantage of this exclusive offer. Your skin will thank you!

TUL Note: Today’s Love List Post is proudly sponsored by Skin well-being and endorsed by The Urban List. Our sponsored posts will never be a secret. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible.

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